Cutting The Cords Ritual

Throughout the course of our lives we create and are given etheric cords of energy that link us to others in our lives, events that are either nourishing or traumatic, or even spells cast by others designed to pull from us energy or some other intention.  

The energy cords that we have to each of these events or people or intentions can either nourish us as is the case with the energetic cord you have with your lover, spouse, best friend, as an example, or it can drain us as is the case with the cords of that old abusive lover, or that person that continues to harbor resentment towards you or that link you still hold to that one traumatic event in your life.  

Cord Cutting Rituals are intended to be psychic clean ups where you tend to that which is attached to you, and with discernment make choices around what attachments you’ll keep and which you will cut and release.  This is the basis for spiritual health and protection.

An altar isn’t needed in this ritual, though one can be created.  The work is internal and astral in nature, however, having a physical sacred tool that symbolizes this sacred cutting, which should happen regularly, will accumulate power over time and give you more mastery over this skill and practice.

Intention:  To cut energetic cords to people and events that no longer serve you and are draining your energy.

Items Needed:

  1. Candle
  2. Sacred Cord Cutting Scissors
  3. A clearing incense
  4. A journal
  5. Optional:  Drumming for journeying soundtracks can help with this as well.


  1. Set the space where you can be comfortably sitting for a good length of time, dim lights, light incense and cast your circle.
  2. If you are using drumming music, play it now at a low volume so it’s in the background.
  3. Begin to relax and deepening your breath.  Stay in this breath while sinking into a deep meditative state, stay here as long as you like.
  4. When it feels right, ask your deity, guides or your inner wisdom to help you see the cords that are attached you but no longer serve.  That they help you see the dynamic they contain and the ways in which they affect your life.
  5. Drop back into your meditative state allowing the room, and the things around you to fade away, opening the path for your inner eye to begin seeing the astral and energetic fields as oppose to the physical ones.
  6. Here repeat the intention to yourself.  You are opening to see the energetic cords attached to you that no longer serve.
  7. It may take a while for this to happen, and you might see one, you might see many.  Trust that the ones you are seeing are specifically the ones that no longer serve.
  8. Allow one to come into sharp focus.  Spend time feeling it out, following it, if you can, to what or who it’s attached to.  Let awareness come to the surface as they will.
  9. Once you understand this cord, the nature of it, who it’s attached to, you must clearly make a choice to cut it.  If this feels difficult take your time and ask yourself why.
  10. There are instances in which we are not ready to let things go even if they are not serving us. Honor this, and move on to another cord.  But do take time when the ritual is finished to journal about why you’d leave this cord intact to further understand the dynamics at play in your life.
  11. If you are clear that you want to cut this cord, you have a choice:  Either using the physical scissors that symbolize this magical sacred exercise for you, or using your astral scissors in your vision, cut the cord while saying: “I choose to let you go.  You are no longer welcome attach to me in this way.”
  12. You can repeat this process with as many cords as you see while in your meditative state. Note that some cords require several cuts to release, particularly in the case of a parent or someone like this that is core to your development as a person in this lifetime.
  13. When this process feels complete for now, slowly transition out of your meditative state, but remain in the circle.
  14. Take sometime journal about what cords you saw, what they brought up for you, which you chose to cut, which cords you were not ready to cut and why as well as anything else that came up for you in this process.
  15. When you feel complete, thank you guides, yourself, and those that were released, as they all had a hand in shaping who you are right now.
  16. Then release the circle.

NOTE:  Using a specific tool for this practice, makes it a powerful one for your personally that is tied to very vulnerable parts of yourself.  Treat this tool with respect, do not let others touch it, and when you can, keep it out of common sight in your home so that it’s not readily seen by all the people that might come through your home. This tool is used for deeply transformative soul work.  It needs to be protected as such.

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