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The Witches Box was a gorgeous and magical subscription box that ran from October 2017 – April 2023. We covered many lessons, magical experiences and what I, Elena, am most proud of, a growing community of Witches that have developed lasting relationships with one another.

In 2022, as the community and the mission for this business began to evolve, it was clear the box served a purpose, but not the full purpose of our mission here. So we pivoted.

The Witches Box became The Holy Witch, and rather than send out physical product each month, we created The School Of Holy Witchery.

Our mission is to create portals for each of us to walk through in order to go deeper spiritually, more potently, in such a way that we not only heal, but we shore up our natural power as Witches so that we live a fully integrated life where magic happens as matter of course, like breathing.

The School Of Holy Witchery is the natural next step for what we created with The Witches Box. It is our hope to be with you as you grow your capacity and life as a Witch.

Thank you for the nearly 6 years of adventure with The Witches Box and here’s to a future of deeply supported, guided and expansive Witchery together. Below you’ll find 3 of our new offerings. We’re proud and thrilled of the mystically transformative work that is already taking place in each of those covens. Join us.

Blessings and magic,



Moon Ritual Coven

Join a coven of Moon devoted Witches for monthly rituals and magic.

The School Of Holy Witchery

Dive into a rich and deeply comprehensive learning experience rooted in a wealth of information and magical embodiment.

Coven Of Lilith

A coven made up of those called by the primordial force of the Goddess Lilith.