The August 2019 Sovereignty Box

This box is really a love letter to you.

This is about affirming each of our Sovereignty to create our lives, carve out our very own spaces, say who can come along for our ride and who cannot.  it’s about having the voice and energetic authority to close doors, open them, direct your energy and intention with precision and to stand in the power that you intrinsically have always possessed, but has been dampened down by growing up in this noise and complicated world.

This box is about the tools that represent our Sovereignty in choosing, directing, eliminating and manifesting in a clear empowered manner.
And this box is about these gorgeous tools that all Witches should have at their altars both because they are beautiful and because they represent this authority that you hold over your spiritual and physical domain.

In our Deep Dive Gathering for this box we will go into what a Wand and Dagger can be used for as well as discussing in further detail the Cord Cutting Ritual in this box and how to use your Sacred Scissors for this purpose.  Cord Cutting is powerful transformation ritual that we would be well served to do regularly.

As you approach the date for our gathering be thinking about questions you might have regarding these tools and perhaps too, experiences you’ve had with them that you can share with the group.  No pressure, but sharing with each other as we gather further helps to deepen our collective learning and our deeper weaving together as a community – which is such a beautiful part of this entire process!

You’ll also note that this box comes with my 2 latest Incense Blends.  

Adding smoke to any ritual or spell or even to set a mood in the home is such a powerfully permeating layer of magick.  At it’s most basic, it transports us into a more open and connected mental and spiritual state to traverse the InBetween that we as Witches do so often.  

These two particular blends combine herbs that are potent allies in both manifesting our intentions and carrying us into that deep astral plane so that we may see and cut those cords that no longer serve.  

I can’t wait to see you at the Gathering!

Deepest Blessings, Elena

In The Box:

  1. Sacred Scissors for cord cutting
  2. A ritual Dagger or Athame for cutting the veil, the fabric of time and space, opening circles
  3. A Wooden Wand for consecrating, directing your energy, intention, spell, feeding something, casting circles, it’s an extension of you.
  4. I Manifest Incense
  5. Cut The Cord Incense
  6. Cutting The Cord Ritual BOS page
  7. Sovereignty Sigil Card
  8. Tarot Card
  9. Charcoal disks for your incense


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