Full Moon iIn Aquarius Group Ritual

Intention:  To experience the transformative power of giving and receiving the full embrace that is compassion among each other.

This ritual is beautiful to do under the soft light of the Full Moon.  That said, if it is done inside or virtually, it is still powerful in its healing.  Each person needs to come in the purest intention of perfect love and perfect trust, not just in the giving but in the receiving.  This should be the focus of any personal preparation each of you do.  

As hard as compassion might be for people we don’t know or might not like, it’s 100s of times easier than receiving compassion from others.  Use the journal exercise and sharing in the community about this as a support in your own process around this.  

This ritual requires someone to be in the role of guide as well as participant.  For this ritual what is needed is someone to be the pace keeper and move things along as needed.

Items Needed:

A white candle per person

Optional Items:

  • Rose oil or rose water (the later is a softer scent and might be easier for people.)
  • A slow low drumming music in the background can be a beautiful container for this.  If you’re doing this virtually, know that the music can end up being delayed and distracting.  Be flexible in cutting this out if it doesn’t translate well over the web.


1.  Place candles and any altar items you all feel called to bring in at the altar.  This is very much an interactive ritual so the altar itself is more of an anchor into the intention and a visual representation of what you are all doing together.  If you’re doing this ritual virtually, you can each have a small altar in your space along with your candle.  

2.  Decide as a group how to cast the circle.  We all come from different paths and might feel an affinity to one way as oppose to the other. Community is rooted in communication.  The elements are common to call in for the circle, a deity if you all work with one specifically, or a circle can be cast with a specific energy stream.  In this case, Compassion, can be the container for the work you’re doing. If you’re calling in the elements choose 4 people to each call in one direction.  If only one energetic is being called to cast, the ritual lead can do so as a single that things are beginning.

3.  Once the circle is cast, remain standing, taking the hands of those next to you, until the whole circle is holding hands.  Close eyes and begin to focus on your deep meditative breath. The intention is the main focus.

4.  Ritual Lead says: 

“ I embrace you, You embrace me, we are love.”

5.  The group repeats this in unison.  (Know that unison can be sketchy on the internet.  If people are out of sync too much you can opt to mute, however, the collective voices here are important.  If possible try to get past the lack of sync.

6.  Repeat this call and response as long as feels right.  The Ritual Lead can decide and when ready say,

“Let that begin to fade into silence while still holding the words internally.”

7.  When ready the Ritual Lead will begin by example and pick up the candle they brought, hold it to their chest with their left hand, while (with permission) placing the palm of their hand at the center of the other persons chest. (Anointing the very center of your palm with rose oil or water is a powerful activator)  Face to face, eye to eye the Ritual Lead says the following:

You are my sibling, my child, my parent, my friend, my love.  You are part of me, I am part of you. Love keeps us and holds us.  I see you in perfect love and perfect trust.  

8.  Slowly, retreat your hand from the other person and light the candle you are holding saying the following:

“I light this for you.  I will nurture the fire of an eternal stream of love and compassion for you”

9.  That person, when ready, turns to the person to their right and repeats the entire process above.

10.  For those of you doing this virtually, the hand placement on the others heart center will have to be energetic.  And the speaker should be looking straight into the camera while the person receiving looks into the screen.  In this way, everyone gets the experience of having everyone one else say these words and blessings to them.  

11.  When complete linger in the energy the circle has created.  Take time to look at one another , allowing for eyes to lock as they will and feeling whatever emotions are up in the space.

12.  When ready, close out the circle.