Full Moon In Aquarius, July 2021

The Full Moon Of July 2021 will occur on July 24, 2021 at 02:37 UTC (please make sure to look at what time that is in your particular timezone by going here.  Note that for those of you in the US, this means the Full Moon will happen in the evening of the 23rd.

For Full Moons, we’ll shoot for doing the ritual or spell BEFORE the actual hour of the Moon going full.

We do this because we are riding on the energy of the growing Full Moon.  Once it reaches it’s fullness, the minute afterward it begins to wane.  Most of the time our Full Moon work will be using the waxing energy. As is the case for this months ritual.

This Full Moon will be in the sign of Aquarius at 1 degree. (We will cover how to use this particular information in upcoming modules.)


Aquarius is a Fixed Air sign.

One of the many gifts of Aquarius is the detached bigger picture awareness it holds.  Systems, humanity, networks, connections… Aquarius thrives here.  This ability allows for greater innovation and authenticity and being in service to those things.  There is a very strong humanitarian lean here.

Some archetypes associated with this sign are Rebel, Revolutionary, Futurist, Eccentric, Free Spirit, Reformer, Activist, Mad Scientist, Non-Conformist, Individualist.

There is a penchant for questioning the status quo, working at revising, revolution and a shake up of old ideas.  Think the “Age Of Aquarius”. Individuality is paramount, but so is the sanctity of all of humanity.  It’s this particular combination that makes this a great Moon for working on Compassion for all.

For this month we will be focusing on one intention for both rituals, with slightly different outcomes.

Below you’ll find the other modules for this Moon Phase! Remember that the forum is there for sharing experiences and sharing your discoveries. The group ritual will give you some suggestions for modifications if you opt to coordinate with each other to do the group ritual virtually.