The Holy Witch…

Step into your most mystical Witch self.

Pssst… she’s already there, inside of you.


The School Of Holy Witchery

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Holy Witchery is not a tradition, but rather a wholistic, shamanic and deeply mystical approach to Witchcraft. It is a return to the natural world in a way that embraces all of it in holy integration and embodiment. 

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Moon Witch

Moon Ritual Coven

Join a Coven of Moon devoted Witches for monthly rituals and magic

We’re calling you to join us in being Witches that ride the transformative waves of the Moon in all Her cyclical, wise and potently magical glory.  

We do this because we love Her, because She speaks to the spiral language of our deeper Witch’s soul, and because we understand that the spiral dance of the monthly lunar cycle is where the juice of revolution, transformation and magic lives for us.

We call you, who long to practice at a pace and rhythm that most speaks to the natural sacred pull on your soul, and to join us in monthly practices that celebrate our connection to the New, Full and Dark Waning phases of the Moon.

Coven Of Lilith

A Witch’s Path Of Wild Reclamation…

Lilith is calling her Witches home. You know who you are. You’ve been feeling the call deep in your bones for a while now.

Bite The Apple…

Gather The Witches


We Witches Gather

We host a variety of virtual and live retreats that allow us the time away from our mundane lives to learn, integrate and create deeply transformative magic together. As Witches do…


Because an educated Witch is an empowered with. An educated Witch is a powerful Witch.

Deepen your knowledge, skill and potency as a Witch with courses you can go through at your own pace in order to further your growth and guide you along your path as a Holy Witch..

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