The Holy Witch

Formerly, The Witches Box

It’s time we remembered who we truly are, and holy is at the core of all witchery

The Holy Witch, formerly The Witches Box

The Holy Witch was born out of an evolution of a business (The Witches Box) and the ever growing and deepening path of Witchcraft as taught by Elena Rego.

So welcome! We are now The Holy Witch with an amazing journey to share. Please keep reading.

Why Holy And What Is A Holy Witch?

We are reclaiming the word Holy, because as Witches we are about wholeness, connection, and an understanding that all things are interconnected and able to come together in dialogue and relationship.

We are reclaiming Holy, because it means sacred, divine, whole and also elevated; of value and of soul.  

Regardless of your tradition, as a Witch you walk the path of a conduit for movement and connection and change.  It is Holy work to take on this role in the world, even if you just want to cast a few spells to have an easier life.  Understand that you walk in all worlds, whether you realize that all the time or not.  Yours is an archetype of power, of beauty and of transformational evolution.  This is no small thing.  And neither is the term Holy.  


Our Mission

The Holy Witch is sovereign, is a portal for more meaning, more life, and deeper understanding, even if it exists in potentiality right now.

Our mission is to create portals for each of us to walk through in order to go deeper, more potently, in such a way that we not only heal, but we shore up our natural power as Witches so that we live a fully integrated life where magic happens as matter of course, like breathing.

Holy Witchery is shamanic, wholistic, animistic and powerful in the most connected way.   It is deep soul magic that is rooted in sacred flow with both the seen and the unseen world.  

A little bit about me…

A practicing Witch for close to 30 years, I have woven together my experience as a Social Worker, Body Worker and artist to inform my Priestess work as a ritualist and teacher.  

My spiritual path has been rooted in deep shamanism, animism, feminism, and magic, with studies and initiations in Dianic Witchcraft, Sri Vidya Tantra and Core Shamanism.

The core of my work is to be in deep service to our collective unfoldment as spiritually rooted, connected and potent Witches. 

– Elena Rego


Finding The Oracle

A three day virtual retreat that will lead you to your Holy Oracle.

March 24-26th, 2023

Invoke Yourself, Holy Witch

A three day virtual retreat to call forth your most potent mystical Self.

Coming Soon

Healing The Witch Wound

A two day virtual retreat where we will go courageously into the heart of this wound and into a liberated path of being our full selves as Witches

September 16-17, 2023


Moon Ritual Coven

Join a coven of Moon devoted Witches for monthly rituals and magic.

The School Of Holy Witchery

Dive into a rich and deeply comprehensive learning experience rooted in a wealth of information and magical embodiment.

Coven Of Lilith

A coven made up of those called by the primordial force of the Goddess Lilith.