The School Of Holy Witchery

Answer the call deep in your soul.

The Path Of The Holy Witch

Holy Witchery is not a tradition, but rather a wholistic, shamanic and deeply mystical approach to Witchcraft. It is a return to the natural world in a way that embraces all of it in holy integration and embodiment.

This is your birthright, your calling and your holy purpose.

The path of the Holy Witch is a reclamation of the truth that your bones and very DNA materia have been fervently whispering to you since you were born in this lifetime; a message of remembrance, born out of a sacred vow to make sure you wake up each and every life time to the truth of who you are. 

A Holy Witch.

Holy Witchery is shamanic, wholistic, animistic and powerful in the most connected way.   It is deep soul magic that is rooted in sacred flow with both the seen and the unseen world.  

Membership In The School Of Holy Witchery

Monthly Lessons

Each month we cover one lesson after another, each building on the last to deepen your awareness of a Witches Path, magic and healing soul work.

Ritual Work

Ritual Practice is a cornerstone of this work. After the lessons comes the practice, which brings the wisdom into an embodied direct experience.

BOS Pages

Each month will provide lessons and spells on beautifully designed Book Of Shadow pages so you can build your own Witch’s Book as you move deeper into the learning.


A community forum that provides a sacred space for everyone on this journey to connect with one another and learn from each others personal journey.

Live Monthly Gatherings

There will be a minimum of 8 live zoom gatherings with Elena per calendar year to either go through the lessons everyone is learning or group rituals or both.

Bonus Download Content

There will be occasional side content that supports the work you are doing, provided in the form of downloadable eBooks, depending on the Module you’re on.

Peek Into Our Book Of Shadow Pages

Because every Witch keeps a book of Holy Magic.

Each module will come with various different Book Of Shadow pages and worksheets to either keep digitally for you work or to print out and add to your Sacred Book Of Shadows. Here is just a small sampling of what we provide.


Pay to REGISTER and then each month after that, you will be automatically charged on the same day until you pause it. When you come back you pick up where you left off in the coursework.


  • Month-to-month payment
  • Pause at any time


Pay for the entire year upfront and get 2 months free. Each year on the same date, you’ll be charged again for the following year of coursework. This way you ensure continuous access.


  • 2 months free
  • Continuity of monthly lessons

Why Holy And What Is A Holy Witch?

We are reclaiming the word Holy, because as Witches we are about wholeness, connection, and an understanding that all things are interconnected and able to come together in dialogue and relationship.

We are reclaiming Holy, because it means sacred, divine, whole and also elevated; of value and of soul.  

Regardless of your tradition, as a Witch you walk the path of a conduit for movement and connection and change.  It is Holy work to take on this role in the world, even if you just want to cast a few spells to have an easier life.  Understand that you walk in all worlds, whether you realize that all the time or not.  Yours is an archetype of power, of beauty and of transformational evolution.  This is no small thing.  And neither is the term Holy.  


The School Of Holy Witchery Is For You If:

  • You dream of a life where your Witchery is a fully embodied way of being, an approach to life that is wholistic and is part of everything you do.
  • You’re a new Witch and don’t quite know what direction to go in with your learning and long for a map that guides you along.
  • You’ve been a Witch for a while, but long for an organized and in-depth path of learning and transformation that is comprehensive.
  • You want to take your Craft further than just casting a spell now and then.
  • The mystical calls to you like a long lost lover, beckoning you back to what your soul has known for lifetimes.
  • You are ready to commit to a disciplined prioritization of your spiritual life.

Topics Covered In The First Year

The curriculum is set up in such a way where there is equal focus on informational learning and direct experience through practice and ritual. Each month the new modules will build on the last, even if the order of lessons doesn’t feel intuitive. As an example, you might find that the module might be focused on Spellcasting, but you’ll also be learning things like quantum physics and healing as a by product of the work you’ll be learning and doing under the umbrella of Spellcasting.

The other thing to note is that we are going to go deep into each topic, so even though in the first year we’ll be covering Protection Magic, it’s broken up into at least 7 modules that span a couple of years. The intention here is that you know each topic intimately and on many levels. The following is a sampling of what we’ll be covering in the first year.

Pillars Of Holy Witchery

Holy Witchery encompasses a set of approaches to magic, life and a spiritually connected life. We’ll begin this year by covering aspects of it such as Biophilia, Animism, Shamanism, and Holistic Approaches to Healing.


Cosmology is a branch of physics and metaphysics dealing with the nature of the universe. Through the lens of Holy Witchery we’ll explore questions about origin stories, what is true and what isn’t, and what makes up the reality of a Witch when taking into account the world of the Seen and the Unseen.

Protection Magic

Protection Magic tends to be one of the things Witches ask about the most and rightly so. We will get pretty comprehensive into all aspects of Witchcraft and magic, but nothing touches on all aspects of Witchcraft most than through the lens of protection and the energy management, self care and intentional clarity that protection truly requires. To date there are 7 whole modules on this topic with more to come!


Witches shift and change the reality around them as part of their communication with all they are connected with. At the core of this is our Spellcraft. From the most elaborate to the simplest of spells we will learn both the mechanics and execution of this skill.


Pay to REGISTER and then each month after that, you will be automatically charged on the same day until you pause it. When you come back you pick up where you left off in the coursework.


  • Month-to-month payment
  • Pause at any time


Pay for the entire year upfront and get 2 months free. Each year on the same date, you’ll be charged again for the following year of coursework. This way you ensure continuous access.


  • 2 months free
  • Continuity of monthly lessons

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a baby witch. Will this be too advanced for me?

No. The School Of Holy Witchery is teaching both a broad and in-depth path of witchery. This means that you will learn what you don’t know as you go. There is also extensive opportunity for asking questions and learning from group live gatherings each month.

I’m interested in joining the Lilith Coven as well. Will this be too much to commit to?

It might be. The beauty of The School Of Holy Witchery is that you can pause it at any time and then pick up where you left off when you are ready. That said, the time commitment that both require might be the biggest challenge. Both the Lilith Coven and The School Of Holy Witchery will require you to engage in daily practices. You need to decide for yourself how much time you have to dedicate to your spiritual development at this time in your life.

Is Holy Witchery a tradition?

No. It’s an approach to witchcraft. There might be overlap in cosmology to other witchcraft traditions, but it’s not exclusive or in opposition to any tradition either. You can be, say Gardnerian or any other tradition, and still gain an enriching body of knowledge and experience by learning this particular approach to witchcraft.

I’ve been a witch for a very long time, will you cover advanced topics and skills as well or will it all be beginner basics?

We will absolutely cover advanced topics and skills, while also building a strong foundation for our work together. Though ‘basics’ will be covered it will all be woven into modules that address the more advanced and deeper skills and practices you are looking for.

I really want to be in a structure witchcraft learning experience but I’m not interested in working with deities, will you spend a lot of time working with deities?

No. There will come a point where I will offer a bonus module that provides you with a map for approaching and working with specific deities of your choosing, but it will not be part of the main curriculum. We will work with the archetype of the Holy Witch as it relates to our personal embodiment, but any specific deity work will be separate and part of our other coven offering.

Where is the community hosted? Facebook? Or on your private website.

The community is based on a private forum on our website.

I’m in the broom closet, how private is the school?

The forum and videos are available to those that in the school only.  If you create a login with your actual name, everyone will be able to see it.  If you create a login with a pseudonym that is what everyone else will see.  Quite a few people have done this.

Are are the live calls recorded in case I cannot attend?

All live gatherings are recorded so those who didn’t attend can catch the replay.  Also, when you join the school, you get access to all the previous replays from before you joined.  This library keeps growing over time.

When did the school start and will I have access to past months?

The school started in April of 2023. Registration is always open. You will absolutely get access to all the content starting at the beginning.  So everyone goes through the same sequence of classes, starting when they specifically start.  The choice to do this has to do with combining those that are more beginner with those that are more advance so that both groups can learn from each other.  Beginner mind is always an amazing place of learning even for those that have been learning for a long time.  As an example, if you start now, you’ll be on module 1 this month while others might be on module 2, 3, 8, or 9 etc.  But we all gather together for the forum discussions and live gatherings.  It’s worked out quite well so far.