Moon Ritual Coven

Change your life with the powerful magic of the Moon


Monthly Rituals

  • A Live ONLINE Ritual
    • A Guided Shamanic Journey
  • Ritual Scripts for your own personal solo work


There will be ongoing lessons on:

  • Lunar Astrology
  • Animism
  • Ritual Work
  • Spell Work
  • And more

Coven Community

Join a coven community of like minded Witches in a private forum and live group rituals.

This Coven Is For You If:

  • You long for a deeply enriching consistent ritual practice that is both about spell work and soulful transformation.
  • You want to meet and work with other Witches in ritual work.
  • You’d like a deep path of Witchcraft, but don’t know where to start.
  • You’d like to build a collection of rituals that you can turn to for manifestation, release and healing.
  • You long to weave the mysterious magic of the Moon into your Witchcraft.
  • You’re drawn to the ancient art and magic of Shamanic Journeying.
  • You want to incorporate the potent astrological wisdom that comes from the Moon’s monthly journey into the way you connect with yourself, your magic and the world.

The Call…

We’re calling you to join us in being Witches that ride the transformative waves of the Moon in all Her cyclical, wise and potently magical glory.  

We do this because we love Her, because She speaks to the spiral language of our deeper Witch’s soul, and because we understand that the spiral dance of the monthly lunar cycle is where the juice of revolution, transformation and magic lives for us.

We call you, who long to practice at a pace and rhythm that most speaks to the natural sacred pull on your soul, and to join us in monthly practices that celebrate our connection to the New, Full and Dark Waning phases of the Moon.

Moon Ritual Coven

Coven Membership


  • 3 Lunar Astrological Reports from Kiara Stellar per month
  • Monthly Live Online Group Ritual
  • Monthly Ritual Script + Guided Shamanic Journey
  • Access to a private Coven Forum
  • A growing library of lessons on working with the Moon, Ritual and Witchcraft

Our Journey Together

Astrological Reports + Journal Meditations

Kiara Stellar will be providing us with comprehensive astrological reports for the New, Full and Dark Waning Moons of each month. Each of these will also come with it’s own Journal Meditation to help anchor in the energy of that time and how it’s specifically affecting you.

3 Different Ritual Offerings

It’s important to practice a variety of different ritual formats in order to stretch our capacity for moving with the energy of each specific lunation. It’s also a way for us to expand our own skills as Witchcraft practitioners.

As such, each month we will get a scripted solo ritual to perform on our own, a guided Shamanic Journey that will provide each of us with the opportunity to sink deeper in the specific energy movements of that time and how it’s affecting us personally and finally, once a month we will gather live online to do a group ritual together.

New Monthly Content + Community Forum

Every month the announcement and links to the new lunar modules will post to our Moon Ritual Coven private forum on this website. It is also were we can connect with one another throughout the month to share about the work and rituals we are doing with the moon that month.

Lunar Wisdom Lessons

Content is added regularly on Animism, Shamanism, Ritual Crafting and Magic and how they all relate to working with the Moon.

Our Holy Intention Together

Together we will walk a path of consistently magical and soul transforming ritual inspired by the cyclical dance of the Moon.

Each month is a renewed opportunity to dive deep into intention, ritual, spell work and community.

Creating a sacred container we will dive deep into introspective soul work, solo and group rituals in order to deepen our spiritual practice as Witches.

Your Guides

Elena Rego

A practicing Witch for close to 30 years, I have woven together my experience as a Social Worker, Body Worker, trainings in Feminine Spirituality, Dianic Witchcraft, Tantric Dance, Core Shamanism, Sri Vidya Tantra, and 7 years of running a soul lead business to inform my Priestess work as a ritualist and teacher.  

The core of my work is to be in deep service to our collective unfoldment as spiritually rooted, connected and potent Witches. 


Kiara Stellar

My astrology practice, although has a traditional foundation, incorporates more modern methods like asteroids & the outer planets, and I also interpret the cosmos with a psychological and evolutionary perspective.

I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Humanities with a concentration in Hispanic Literature and Linguistics. So, when I do research on asteroids & their mythology or interpret the language of the cosmos and how the myths play out in a natal chart, it combines my passions for literature, psychology, and astrology!

I’ve always been fascinated by the Moon and the night sky, so it’s a dream that my work is based on them.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Australia, would I benefit from being in this group because I am in the Southern Hemisphere and the moon is different to you guys in America>

All the information is still relevant.  We all go through the same cycles of the moon.  That said, the reason we post the lunar phases in GMT/UTC time is so that we can all calculate for our personal time zones.  This is also one of the reasons that moving forward, I’ll be posting the entire month’s worth of modules at the beginning of the month so that it can help everyone plan accordingly well in advance.

I’m new to witchcraft, will this be too advanced for me?

No, because the modules you’ll find in the Coven repository will teach you everything you need to know. Also, the ritual scripts will be easy to follow and when we do the live online rituals Elena will guide you every step of the way.

I’m not Wiccan, is it ok if I join in as well?

That’s totally fine. This is not a Wiccan Coven. We are gathering together around our love and desire for the Moon.

Moon Ritual Coven

Coven Membership


  • 3 Lunar Astrological Reports from Kiara Stellar per month
  • Monthly Live Online Group Ritual
  • Monthly Ritual Script + Guided Shamanic Journey
  • Access to a private Coven Forum
  • A growing library of lessons on working with the Moon, Ritual and Witchcraft