• A Witch’s Soul Journal – A Year And A Day Journey


    This is a digital course with beautifully designed downloadable PDFs.  For more detailed information you can go HERE.

    What’s included:

    • A weekly set of questions to sit with and journal about
    • 57 Beautifully designed journal pages with each set of questions that you can print and add to your sacred journal
    • 4 Video lessons on Seasonal themes that speak to the way your soul most expresses itself during that time of year
    • Lesson on setting a practice for yourself that creates space, deeper wisdom and a growing spiritual connection.


  • Moon Ritual Coven

    $33.00 / month

    Every month you’ll get access to:

    • A private Coven space within the website to watch, read and download information
    • 3 introspective journal and meditation prompts to align with the moon energy
    • 1 pre recorded guided ritual journey
    • 3 rituals per month (2 rituals you’ll do on your own and one live coven gathering ritual)
    • Access to the Moon Ritual Coven forum
    • 1 live online coven ritual per month
    • 1 Coven Q+A and learning gathering per season
    • 3 in depth astrological reports on each phase of the Moon and the other planetary influences at play
  • The School Of Holy Witchery Monthly

    $102.00 / month

    This is a listing for The School Of Holy Witchery.  For more information on the program go HERE.

    The School Of Holy Witchery Is For You If:

    • You dream of a life where your Witchery is a fully embodied way of being, an approach to life that is wholistic and is part of everything you do.
    • You’re a new Witch and don’t quite know what direction to go in with your learning and long for a map that guides you along.
    • You’ve been a Witch for a while, but long for an organized and in-depth path of learning and transformation that is comprehensive.
    • You want to take your Craft further than just casting a spell now and then.
    • The mystical calls to you like a long lost lover, beckoning you back to what your soul has known for lifetimes.
    • You are ready to commit to a disciplined prioritization of your spiritual life.