• Registration is Currently Closed for the Year. the next Coven will convene Next July 2024.
Do you hear the call?

Coven Of Lilith: A Witch’s Path Of Wild Reclamation

Deep under the often told story of Eve and the Tree and the Serpent, there is Lilith. And despite Her vilification and attempted erasure, there is the deeper mystery that millennia of men have tried to conceal.

The truth? Lilith, the wild and unbound, was suppressed and tamed into Eve. But truth and wildness never stay hidden for long, so Eve was drawn to Hersel, the Tree. The Serpent, that undeniable truth within her, reminded her of what it was to be awake. So she ate the fruit of truth, of good and evil, of life and death and she woke.

There is no liberation until we integrate fully. Lilith embodied, Eve liberated.

Are you ready to bite the apple?

The call…

Lilith is calling her Witches home. You know who you are. You’ve been feeling the call deep in your bones for a while now.

The Short Of It

This is a potentially three year journey that takes us to the heart of Lilith as Goddess, integrated, shadow danced and reclaimed.

Year 1 is self contained year and a day program, so you can do the first year, touch into a rich relationship with Lilith and reach completion with the work.


You can initiate as a Devotee of Lilith and continue on to Year 2 and dive into her occultic works, rituals and magic.

Year 3 is for those who are called to be a Priestess of Lilith.

The only Year cycle that will be available to the public to register for is Year 1. Year 2 + Year 3 are only available to those who have gone through the first year and initiation.

More on this below…

Pricing Details + Registration


  • Payment covers the entire year
  • There will be an intake form you have to fill out before paying
  • This price and registration is for the first year ONLY
  • Registration CLOSES July 14, 2023

There Are Three Layers To Our Work

Unraveling Stories

Together we will dive into the long told stories of Lilith through the veiled eyes of the Patriarchy and unfurl them to unearth the buried gems of Her Truth. We will work with the codes of the Eden story to reclaim Lilith as an integrated Goddess and ourselves as whole women. Shadow Work, Shamanic Journeys, Occult Rituals, Sigil Work and more will be covered.

Sacred Rituals

There are many rituals and spells that are used to work with Lilith. Many of which coming for the world of the occult. We will learn and focus on 5 foundational rituals and invocations to Lilith that will establish a path of discovery and growth towards Her embodiment in this first year.


Covens will consist of 10 Witches each.  This group will work together for the duration of the year in various ways to fortify containers of magic and healing, and to weave the bonds that hold us all across space and time. You will each receive guidelines for responsibilities to your group and encouraged to meet virtually on a monthly basis aside from the live gatherings with Elena and the other covens.

This Is For You If…

  1. You’re a woman and you are ready to meet and reclaim the one you were born to be before the shroud of oppression and lies was placed over your brilliantly powerful soul.
  2. You feel a call. You might not understand it, but the draw is clear. There is a YES deep inside of you to dive into the stream of Lilith.
  3. You’re ready to do deep shadow work.
  4. You have a support system in place to help you through any destabilization this journey may bring up for you. In other words, you’re in a stable place now so that if something shakes your ground, you’re able to find support for yourself in order to not have your life disrupted in an unmanageable way.
  5. You are ready to show up for an intimate Coven of Witches and be shown up for.
  6. The idea of a disciplined practice creates just as much if not more longing than the idea of practicing whenever you can.
  7. You are at a point in your spiritual journey where it’s clear that a monumental threshold needs to be crossed.

This Is Not For You If…

  1. You don’t have the time to dedicate 4-8 hours a week to the Coven, the practices and the learning.
  2. You are currently in a deep and ongoing mental health stress. This work will create some instability and it is beyond the scope of this work to hold space for this level of disruption. It’s important and responsible to self assess what you have capacity for.
  3. You want to work with a deity, but the specifics aren’t as important. You’re not specifically drawn to Lilith.
  4. You don’t identify as a woman. This work will touch on deep issues around the patriarchal damage women have sustained over millennia specifically, and how to unravel that. There is another Lilith offering for all regardless of gender.

Pricing Details + Registration


  • Payment covers the entire year
  • There will be an intake form you have to fill out before paying
  • This price and registration is for the first year ONLY
  • Registration CLOSES July 14, 2023

The Journey In…

Coven of Lilith is being offered as 2 different journeys you can choose from. There are three years of spiraling deeper and deeper into a relationship and practice centered on Lilith, where the first year can be a stand alone experience that will provide for a robust experience with Lilith along with a set of practices to serve a lifetime.

Those that feel a call to dedicate themselves to Lilith can continue on into the second and third year. Each year is paid for individually as you go. Read on for more information what each year provides.

A (Potentially) 3 Year Journey

Year 1: The Body Of God(dess):  Encounter + Embodiment

This 1st year is whole unto itself.  You can be part of this full year and then walk away with an intimate understanding and experience of Lilith along with an initiatory ritual that marks you as a devotee to her, if you feel called to this.  You can complete here and not continue on.

There is an optional live retreat each year for those first year Witches that wish to be initiated with their peers.  2nd and 3rd years can also attend these as support and witness.

Year Two:  Primordial Alchemy:  Blood, Sex + Bone 

This is for those that move through the first year’s initiation and decide they wish to continue on toward a deeper path of the adept.  Occult mysteries will be explored as well as the next set of rituals and initiations of Lilith.

Year Three:  Priestess, Whole Unto Herself

This year is spent in cultivating an act of power, a path of service and a specialization in skill.  The coven work will feature prominently here as each coven member will get experience in facilitating ritual and leading others in the work we have learned over the last 3 years.

Pricing Details + Registration


  • Payment covers the entire year
  • There will be an intake form you have to fill out before paying
  • This price and registration is for the first year ONLY
  • Registration CLOSES July 14, 2023

Dates To Know

JUNE 1, 2023: Registration Opens (DONE)

Registration for Coven Of Lilith will open at 9AM Pacific Time. Note that on this day we will also have a live gathering over on Youtube to commemorate the day and to chat, answer questions and talk about what the Coven will be offering.

July 14, 2023: Registration For Coven Of Lilith Closes

This will be a closed year and a day Coven. Meaning we will not be opening Year 1 again until 2024.

JULY 15, 2023: Opening Ritual With All Covens + Elena

This is the first day of our time together and we will commemorate it with a live gathering with all the Covens joining in. There will be ritual, information and loads of time for Q+A on how we will be proceeding.

1st Fridays Of Each Month

Elena will hold a live drop in on the 1st Friday of each month for Coven questions, support and planning with whoever needs it. Replays of these gatherings will be made available to everyone.

3rd Saturdays Of Each Month

A live zoom gathering will take place every 3rd Saturday with everyone participating in Coven of Lilith (all covens of 10). We will ritual, go over lessons and process the work we are doing together.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will we be meeting? What if I can’t make it? Will there be replays?

There will be optional gatherings on the 1st Friday of each month for general Q+A, especially regarding Coven work and dynamics. We will have a live gathering over Zoom on the 3rd Saturday of each month to do lessons, check ins and rituals together. These gatherings will be recorded and the replays will be available in the main Coven area of the website so you can access them at any time. There will also be at least 1 day long virtual retreat to do the Soul Retrieval ritual on December 9th. This will NOT be available for replay due to the nature of the work we will be doing together.

Is there going to be a live in person retreat?

At the end of the year there will be the option to attend a live in person retreat in the desert of Southern California. This is not a requirement, but it is encouraged for those of you who intend on proceeding to the 2nd year. We will be focusing on Initiation rituals over the course of 3-4 days before advancing on to our 2nd year work.

Is it ok that I’ve never been part of a Coven?

Absolutely! The Coven work we will be doing is intended to both provide everyone with the actual experiences of being in an active and intimate Coven as well as providing everyone with an amplified experience and container for the ritual work we will be doing with Lilith.

What are the optional second and third years about? Is it just more learning or did you mention there being an ordination?

The three year journey is intended to lead towards an ordination, if that is desired. At the end, you’d be ordained as a Priestess Of Lilith (the title would vary depending on your specific calling), and the focus would include choosing a path of service under the umbrella of working with Her specifically. This is optional. You can go through all three years and not be ordained.

Will there be a way to “Buy Now Pay Later”?

No.  We tried to get that to work with our website and credit card processing system, but we could not.  Registration needs to be made in full.