Our end of year 1 Initiation Retreat will occur July 18-22nd, 2024 in Yucca Valley, California.

We will gather for 4 days of deep ritual that culminates in your Initiation as a Devotee of Lilith. This is an optional retreat, however, for those of you that wish to continue on into the 2nd year, this is required.

Live ritual experience is such an integral part of this work and after a year of deep work it is both a manifestation of a deep rootedness in this path as well as a beautiful celebration of YOU and who you have become. Give this to yourself.

I’ve found a place for us that will not only hold us in a beautiful container, and has the space needed for the various ritual experiences we will be going through. The cost is higher than first anticipated and so I’m opening up payments for this now, October 2023.

The investment will be $2700 per person.

This includes lodging, delicious nourishing meals by our lovely Chef Lily, ritual tools that will be gifted to each of you for your initiation and continued work with Lilith.

Travel to and from the retreat is not covered.

The first payment of $700 is non refundable and due by November 1, 2023. You then have a choice for a payment plan to cover the rest. You can choose that plan below in the form. We have 10 months until the actual retreat and payment needs to be paid in full by June 2024.