A Manifestation Plan For Every Capricorn New Moon (AKA The Beginning Of A New Year)

We have so many names and lenses through which to talk about manifestation. In the secular world, especially at this time of the year, it’s “goal setting” or “resolutions”. 

In Holy Witchery, we refer to it as a “vision mapping”, “spell crafting”, “moving into resonance” or “intentional aim” depending on context.

Regardless of what you call it, the bare essence of it is that we set our sights on an aim and take steps to arrive at a chosen reality.

The Capricorn New Moon

Capricorn, symbolized by the sea goat, embodies the mastery of the spiritual realm and its expression in the material world. This New Moon’s alignment with Neptune further amplifies our ability to merge dreams with reality. As Witches, this is an auspicious time to focus on goal setting, transforming our spiritual work into concrete plans and actions.

It makes for such a great alignment between the astrological and the secular calendar we’re following. THIS is the time for the goals. It’s not just a product of our achievement oriented society. Right now we are supported astrologically to not only vision, but to create the concrete plans necessary to make in our lives what we are most called to make, feel, experience and do.

Setting the Intention: Our journey begins with setting a clear intention. The goal here is to create a sacred structure that bridges our spiritual practice with actionable steps, enabling the manifestation of a specific, soul-aligned goal over the coming year. This structure should honor the grounding energy of Capricorn and the dream world from which all of our visioning comes from.

Before We Plan…

Inner awareness is so crucial to everything we create. The more in tuned we are to what drives us, what we long for and what blocks those longings within us, the more successful we become at carrying out the magic and the steps required to achieve what we want in our lives.

So below are a series of questions to spend as much time with as possible. Journaling and self inquiry are a huge part of Holy Witchery.

  1. What Stirs My Soul? Reflect on what deeply moves you or brings you a sense of profound joy and fulfillment. What activities or thoughts make your spirit feel alive and vibrant?
  2. Where Does My Magic Naturally Flow? Consider the aspects of your life where your magic and energy seem to flow effortlessly. What are these areas, and what do they reveal about your true passions and strengths?
  3. What Dreams Have I Shelved? Think about the dreams or aspirations you may have set aside due to practicality, fear, or other reasons. Which of these still resonate with your heart?
  4. How Do I Envision My Ideal Day a Year from Now? Imagine a day in your life one year ahead. What are you doing, feeling, and experiencing? How does this vision align with your potential goals?
  5. What Lessons Have My Challenges Taught Me? Reflect on the challenges you’ve faced. What wisdom have they imparted, and how might this wisdom guide you toward a goal that is both healing and empowering?
  6. What Does My Intuition Whisper? Take a moment to quiet your mind and listen to your inner voice. What subtle messages or feelings arise when you think about your future?
  7. Which Elements of My Practice Bring Me the Most Satisfaction? Consider the aspects of your witchcraft practice that you find most fulfilling. How might these elements be a compass pointing towards your true goals?
  8. What Legacy Do I Wish to Create? Ponder the mark you wish to leave on the world or your community. How does this desire translate into a tangible goal for the year ahead?
  9. What Fears Am I Ready to Confront and Transform? Identify any fears or limiting beliefs holding you back. How can confronting these lead you to a goal that is both transformative and empowering?
  10. How Can My Goals Serve the Greater Good? Think about how your personal goals can contribute to the wellbeing of others and the Earth. What goals align with this broader vision of service and connection?

The Plan

The magical is all things. ALL THINGS. This means it’s our internal states, it’s the visions we weave for ourselves, it’s step by step plan on mundane actions that support the inner dream to achieve something. 

So yes, it’s the spell, but it’s also the tried and true path to goal achievement. Every single thing we do, every single choice we make must be in alignment with that we seek to manifest. So read on loves. This is the path. It might not seem romantic, but the concrete plan is simply The map. 

Step 1: Deep Self-Inquiry and Visioning Before setting any goals, it’s crucial to engage in deep self-inquiry. Ask yourself questions like, “What stirs my soul?” or “Where does my magic naturally flow?” “What really wants to show up in my life this year?” Reflect on your true desires and passions, ensuring that your goal resonates with your soul’s purpose.

Step 2: Ritualize Your Intention Create a sacred space that represents the energies of Capricorn. Perform a ritual to declare your intention, involving elements like candle lighting, stating your goal aloud, and visualizing its manifestation. And dedicate an altar to this one intention only. It doesn’t have to be huge. But something that holds the anchor for that which is coming into fruition and that you can interact with daily.

Step 3: Align Your Energy Your inner state needs to match that which you’ll feel when this goal comes to fruition. We know this is the not so secret secret sauce to all manifestation. How do you feel now that this vision has come into being. Daily, your practice is to cultivate that inner state. Craft affirmations that resonate with your intention and repeat them daily to align your subconscious beliefs in order to be supported in this practice.

Step 4: Develop a Plan Break down your goal into smaller, manageable tasks. Plan these tasks over the year, aligning them with lunar cycles for added potency. Keep a journal to track your progress and insights.

Step 5: Regular Check-ins and Adjustments On each New Moon, revisit your goal. Perform a ritual to reaffirm your intention and adjust your plan as needed. Stay flexible and open to guidance and changes.

Step 6: Celebrate and Ground Your Achievements Acknowledge your progress and celebrate the milestones. Use grounding rituals to integrate your achievements into your physical and spiritual being and to further adjust and refine the inner state you are practice.

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