Full Moon In Taurus, October 24, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Taurus
Element: Earth
Type: Fixed
Planet: Venus
Themes:  stability, security, value & possession
Tarot Card: The Hierophant
Sun Sign: Scorpio
Time:  October 24th, at 12:45PM EST/ 9:45PM PST

The Sun changed to Scorpio on October 23rd and one day after, the Moon reaches its full phase in Taurus. This Full Moon will be making internal earthquakes to our comfort zones and to our weak bridges because of its immediate square to the Karmic Nodes and its conjunction with Uranus Retrograde in the same sign.

Keywords for Taurus: stability, security, value & possession.

Therefore, being in the same zodiac sign and almost at the same degree of the planet of surprises and radical change, means that what is rising into clarity is our level of security with ourselves or others, the things we truly value and what’s dissipating from our hands out of a lack of substance. This may not feel all that comfortable because, of course, there is a call for change and behind any change, there is always a level of resistance coming from the individual.

This energy of Taurus is fixed and it’s very resistant to change because what it ultimately wants in life is security. So, this conjunction to Uranus is calling for us to break free from the emotional resistance. It will be a time to take action for change in order to bring in what will truly give us the level of stability we desire, to bring in things of substance while we’re releasing the unnecessary or refining it during this Venus Retrograde period.

Taurus is ruled by the goddess of love, which is currently in Scorpio, it’s opposite sign. When the Moon reaches it 4th degree, it will make an exact opposition to Venus, giving us a hint of the themes this lunar phase brings. To understand more deeply what this aspect means, first we need to know what makes these signs polar opposites.

Opposition Between Scorpio And Taurus

First of all, Scorpio rules the eighth house and Taurus the second, again two opposite houses because respectively, one governs debts, and the other, one’s own finances; the eighth rules “I give my all”, “I fuse with you” “I want passion”; and the second one (2): “I give, but I also receive” “I value myself, you value me”, “I want stability”.

For instance, this retrograde motion of Venus in Scorpio and its tense aspect with the Full Moon is shifting our focus in reassessing our relationships for the things we truly need; to seek substance instead of a flame that eventually burns out, or water that eventually evaporates; security, instead of uncertainty; our sense of self worth and individuality, instead of giving of ourselves fully without it being reciprocate.

However, because of its Conjunction to Uranus, it’s exactly about making the changes we’ve been resistant too, but that is needed in order have the stability we desire. The trine will make to Saturn at 4 degrees, while Venus will be making an exact sextile to this planet, talks about beginning to build the strong bridges that will take us towards our desired destiny in relationships, because of its square with the Karmic Nodes.

Strengthening Our Bridge Towards Self Worth

What is this bridge about? Our self-esteem or sense of self-worth. Building or making stronger our individuality is key before fusing with the another because there needs to be boundaries and desires that come from a place of self-love. If not, it would lead to unsatisfaction, giving our all without receiving and, for instance, losing ourselves and falling apart like the weak bridge.

This also has to do with finances, for Venus rules it as well and when we give and give or spend without a steady income, where does it lead us? Bankruptcy. An analogy too for when we’re in an unreciprocated love.

Venus’s themes are the star of this lunar phase like it was in the last New Moon in Libra, but while the New Moon was about balancing our relationships and reclaiming what was ours, this Full Moon is about the substance and the security of those relationships while considering our individuality and our sense of self-worth.

Focusing Your Lunar Work

During your personal Moon Rituals, it will be great to reflect on this question:

What do I need to work on or what changes do I need to make in order to reach the state of stability and security I want in my relationships/finances?

Other questions to delve into are:

  • Am I giving more than I am receiving?
  • How can I value myself more in order to attract who will value me the same way?
  • What boundaries do I need to impose more so they are not crossed again?
  • If I’m not receiving what I need, how can I reclaim them?
  • If I’m reclaiming my needs and they are not met, what changes do I need to make?
  • Is this relationship I have with this relationship serving me value in my life?

Have a wonderful Full Moon and ritual! And note, that if this lunar phase is rising into your awareness what you have that is valuable and you’re feeling grateful, it’s time to celebrate! Full Moons are as much about deep work as they are about thanksgiving and celebration. To acknowledge your blessings, see the results of what you’ve worked on or of those intentions you set six months ago with the New Moon in Taurus.

See you in the next dark moon in Scorpio.

This post was written by:

Kiaralys Rosario | Astrologer & Owner of KiaraStellar. My approach in astrology comes from my love for the stars, their archetypal energies, and mythology that coexist within us and that by translating their language, we are able to reach a deeper level of self-awareness and discover our life’s path. Follow me on Instagram for daily horoscopes @KiaraStellar, to book a reading or read the Cosmic Blog: kiarastellar.com

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