Full Moon in Aries, October 1st, 2020

  • Date: October 1st, 2020
  • Time: 5:05 PM ET / 2:05 PM PST
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Ruler: Mars
  • Themes: Shedding light to the pain and the unhealed wounds of the ego, releasing repressed anger, healing relationships, awakening of the warrior and the dark feminine within, clarity of direction, culmination & harvesting.


Every month the Moon reaches its fuller phase when it makes an exact opposition with the Sun. It’s the peak of the lunar cycle, when emotions are heightened and when something subconscious rises into the conscious awareness. Also, it symbolizes completion, when we see the results of what we began during the New Moon of its same zodiac sign. This makes it perfect to celebrate if you see the blooms of the seeds you planted and/or an opportunity for reflection and gaining emotional clarity on a situation.


The Full Harvest Moon of October 1st will be culminating an emotional cycle that began on March 24th with the New Moon in Aries. This lunar event happened right beside the Chiron and True Black Moon Lilith conjunction. The merging of these two archetypes have been pointing to where there is wounding, oppression and enragement because of the suppression of the dark feminine within and the expression of the self. Hence, the area of life in which it has been transiting in our natal chart hints to where we may have been experiencing this suppression and its shadowy, chaotic and destructive influence. However, as these transits have been indicating where to inspect, this has all been for the purpose of confronting our shadow and our unhealed wounds in order to heal and transmute the pain into our power.

For instance, the fact that this Full Moon will happen right beside Chiron while Mars Retrograde in Aries will be with Black Moon Lilith, further confirms that it will be bringing this influence to a culmination. Hence, finally awakening the warrior within that has been wounded and liberating the dark feminine that has been repressed. It will be shedding light to the unhealed wounds and to the shadow aspects of the self that are being projected onto the other. Finally, as this climax is happening during Libra Season and before the New Moon which initiates a new cycle for our relationships, it hints that this will be key in order to restore the balance and harmony in our relationships as it’s the root where all conflict may stem.


A Full Moon always occurs in the opposite sign of the Sun. For instance, the Sun & Moon will be facing each other respectively in Libra & Aries. In the Tropical Zodiac, these are the signs that initiate the equinoxes, a time when light and darkness, the yin and yang, reach perfect equilibrium as the length of the day equals that of the night. Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, and it’s associated with the seventh house of relationships; Aries is ruled by impulse and ego driven Mars and associated with the first house of self. Therefore, this lunar event activates the polarity of self and relationships.

Libra Season is then a call to bring balance and harmony to our relationships. Hence, with its lunar climax in Aries, we are invited to turn within and to see if there are aspects of the self that need to be released, healed, or expressed in order to equilibrate the scales and improve our dynamic with the other. However, every year it’s different as the cosmos is infinitely moving and its symbolic meaning and energetic influence changes. This time, it’s all about the process that Chiron and Black Moon Lilith initiated and also about Mars. This is because this planet is not only the ruler and significator of this Full Moon, but it’s also in Aries! So we will have to look also to its position in the zodiac in order to find other clues of what this Full Moon is about.


The Full Moon in Aries of 2020 is happening while Mars is currently retrograde in this same sign and brighter and more visible in the evening sky. This signifies that because it’s also in its home sign, its energy is extra powerful and has a more noticeable influence, although it may come with frustrations and delays. Mars Retrograde has been pointing us to rethink, reassess and recalibrate our objectives and desires. Also, to retract, retreat or withdraw from them in order to return fully charged and take different and bold action after it stations direct. All of this while, paradoxically, we may be feeling the urge and the impulse to take action already. However, because of the retrograde, but more emphasized because of the second and last square it made to Saturn on September 29th, we may have hit a wall for the last time. 


During the last few months we may have met some setbacks and a lack of progress due to all of the retrograde planets in Capricorn. However, this Full Moon happens just a few days after Saturn and Jupiter finally stationed direct and a couple of days before Pluto. This indicates that this lunar event is announcing the culmination of the challenging process that these planets began while retrograde and that change and progress is ahead of us in the Capricorn house in our chart.

Nevertheless, with Mars Retrograde, it’s still more propitious to prepare for the race instead of starting it. Hence, these changes are all about rebuilding, repairing, making adjustments or working behind the scenes and having things under construction before launching or fully embarking on a new journey. The method of “slow and steady wins the race” will also be benefiting us for the proximate months if taking action is a non negotiable. However, at least with this Full Moon, a new and a clear sense of direction will emerge as it may bring clarity to our objectives. 


As indicated above, this Full Moon will be bringing to a climax of what began brewing since Chiron and Black Moon Lilith in Aries started their conjunction. This lunar event also culminates the emotional cycle that began on March 24th with the New Moon in Aries. Interestingly, this lunation was exactly conjunct these two archetypes, marking the start of their influence. These two have been pointing to where we may have been repressing our authentic self and our voice and become passive due to past experiences, rejection, insecurity, fear or unresolved pain in a specific area of our lives.

As a result, they may have been a chaotic and destructive influence since they represented what we may have been suppressing. Remember that, for example, if one does not express something in order to avoid conflict, it may create a war within ourselves. For instance, this is what this Full Moon will bring to an illumination and finally bring out the fire contained within. 

This is because Chiron represents the wounds that haven’t healed; Lilith the occult power that is hidden with all that we repress, representing also the shadowy side of the feminine. For instance, the energy of Aries becomes suppressed with them, but Mars comes retrograde now in this same sign to finally erupt the silent volcano.


Therefore, this Full Moon bringing this to a culmination, highlights a time to reflect and contemplate on what this conjunction has meant for you and if any healing was or still needs to be done of what started six months ago with the New Moon. It makes it perfect for this because the Moon will be right conjunct Chiron while Mars will be merging with Black Moon Lilith. Further, this is while Mars is retrograde in this same area of life. This means that it will be turning the passiveness into assertiveness, revealing our shadow and liberating the repressed dark feminine and the warrior within in order to confront the darkness, heal from the pain and turn it into our strength. There is a big lesson that comes with this and that’s to not let others put out our fire and suppress the intensity of our voice. It will be time to finally stand our ground and embrace our authentic self. However, it may also talk about what we may need to change if our actions and projections have indeed been destructive for us and our relationships.


This is all for the purpose of what Libra Season calls us to do: restore balance and harmony within ourselves and in our relationships. For instance, this Full Moon indicates that the key for this is to heal from the infliction that the Chiron and Lilith conjunction represented individually for us, which generally may have been the repression of the shadow (the feminine) and the pain that needed to be faced or expressed in order to heal. It’s for this reason that the energy of this lunation may be impetuous and intense as the ticking bomb within us may finally explode, but this is what will eventually bring peace after the war. In addition, as indicated above, there’s another side to this lunar event which is that it will be providing us with the needed sense of direction to the energy that has been building up with Mars Retrograde. 


Where the Full Moon will be transiting in your chart indicates the area of life in which this chaotic influence of Chiron and Black Moon Lilith is meeting a culmination and where Mars is going retrograde to realign you with new objectives and a new sense of direction. This is based on your ascendant/rising sign and a whole sign system. 


  • Aries: In the first house. The area of self, appearance, personality; ruling over your personal goals, your physical body, outlook of life and how other people see you.
  • Taurus:​ In the twelfth house. The area of the unconscious mind, mental health, spirituality, the divine and metaphysical, dreams, isolation, confinement, endings and losses; bed pleasures and everything you do behind the scenes.
  • Gemini:​ In the eleventh house. The area of friends, groups, community, social networks, connections, social recognition, goals and aspirations.
  • Cancer: ​In the tenth house. The area of career, public image and social status.
  • Leo: In the ninth house. The area of expansion, long term travel, higher knowledge and college education, achieving expertise, philosophical and religious beliefs.
  • Virgo: In the eighth house. The area of transformation, the occult, shared resources, other people’s money, tax, returns, credit, mortgage, sex and the intimacy you share with a partner.
  • Libra: In the seventh. The area of relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, laws and contracts.
  • Scorpio: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of health and wellness, service work and work environment, daily tasks, routines and productivity.
  • Sagittarius: ​In the fifth house. The area of fun, romance and dating, creativity, projects, children and fertility.
  • Capricorn: In the fourth house. The area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Aquarius: ​In the third house. The area of the mind and communication, ideas, education, hobbies and interests, siblings and neighbors and immediate environment.
  • Pisces: ​In the second house. The area of personal resources, money, possessions, value system, self worth and self esteem. 

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