Full Moon In Leo, Super Moon, Lunar Eclipse January 31st, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Type: Fixed
Planet: The Sun
Themes/Symbolism: Power, Love, Individuality, Confidence, Warmth, Generosity
Tarot Card: Strength
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Other Events: Complete Lunar Eclipse – Eclipse most visible in China, Australia, Pacific Ocean and Western USA
Time: 5:37 AM PST

This Full Moon in Leo is a big one. Not only is it a Full Moon, but it’s a Super Moon and a Blue Moon meaning it will appear 14% brighter than other Full Moons because it’s closer to the Earth and it is the second full moon within one calendar month. And… let’s not forget, a total Lunar Eclipse. These affects amplify the influence of the Moon as well as all the other aspects that are affecting the Moon. It’s definitely a time to slow down, pay attention and check with yourself to really note down how all of this is affecting you and what it’s bringing up.

The Eclipse

This is the first eclipse of the year. Eclipses are known to reveal that which is hidden in order for it to be released. They can signal times of endings and new beginnings, and moving on from what no longer serves in order to walk a new path. This is a powerful moment for deep introspection because what needs to be revealed is getting a good dose of help from the astral body placements.

Look back, what are you harvesting from this last cycle and the beginning of the New Year? What is unfinished, nagging at you, weighing you down? What are you still holding onto, that you already know, deep down inside, isn’t serving you in the least?

Full Moon In Leo

The Full Moon is about celebration. It’s about looking at what you have started to create and manifest since the New Moon and giving thanks, taking inventory and savoring what is growing in your life.

Leo is warmth, love… creativity, bite, passion, expansiveness, fire, courageousness, ego, individuality and the self as reflected back to him by those around him.

There is a LOT going on this Full Moon, but the one thing that is certain is that there will be a spotlight on some aspect of yourself that needs looking at.

What is coming through here is not just the inventory that needs to be taken when we have to cut ties or let something go, but also the necessity to look at yourself, assess where you are, where you have come from, what you have accomplished so far and give yourself some serious props.

It’s not just about the clearing out. It’s about owning what and who you are. This is the loving, healing and resuscitating value of an individuated ego that can, with grounded spiritual health, say, “I’ve got this.” “ I rock at this.” “ I so handled that amazingly well.”

Acknowledge yourself, give yourself proper accolades for what you have created and done in your life for this last cycle as well as this last year. THIS is a place of power and healing. It is also an answer to the work we are always doing in assessing, letting go, cutting away, trying to change this thing or that about ourselves. We don’t sanction, empower, acknowledge and praise ourselves enough for the truly remarkable things we do, pull of and embody.

Let Leo take your hand, squeeze it with loving certainty and tell you, “You’re amazing.” And then? Let yourself be seen in this light by all others. This is the courageous gift of Leo.

Moon Water Magick

This Moon Water is perfect for charging with a quartz crystal or 3. Charge it, then use it for a ritual bath. This is a perfect and potent ingredient to use in your ritual bath before your Imbolc ritual.

The Leo Water with a clarifying and energizing quartz crystal can be placed in your bath along with lavender, verbena or cedar oil to bring clarity about whatever issues need to be Seen in your life right now. It’s also a purifying water, that strips you down of anything that is clouding you, shrouding you in self doubt, so that you might emerge from this water renewed, clear and shining.

If you want more information on working with Moon Water, go HERE.

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