New Moon In Capricorn, January 16, 2018

New Moon Sign: Capricorn – Starting January 16th 6:18PM PST/9:18PM EST – In Europe and Australia the New Moon is on the 17th. Here is a link to find out specifically for your location.
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Themes/Symbolism: Cardinal, Hard Work, Determination, Groundedness, Practical, Action Focused, Energizing,
Tarot Card: The Devil
Sun Sign: Capricorn

“At the time of the New Moon, there will be a line up of the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto all in the sign of Capricorn. This rare alignment is known as a stellium.

Having a line up of so many planets indicates that this New Moon is going to bring a lot of earthy Capricorn energy for all of us to play with.” by Tanaaz at Forever Conscious

This means that right now, at this very time of the year, for this lunar cycle, you will be the most supported in taking action towards moving in the direction you have chosen to move. This is a time for work, for execution, and for bringing solidity to those things we are dreaming about creating in our lives.

It also means that you will have a chance to get deeply familiar with the energy of Capricorn for the next month. And because the energy is so richly steeped in Earth… manifesting in physical form is of particular note here.

And that’s not meant to sound militant or as a hard driving task master. Rather, this is about being energetically supported to make large head way into creating something you have been wanting to or already working on. Riding the hearty, driven and grounded energy of a Capricorn lunar cycle can lend you great support and energy.

Capricorn is also a Cardinal sign, one that leads, directs, chooses and initiates. All of these things are wonderful energetics to help support you while you sent a specific intention that you aim to manifest in your life and world this month.


Action and groundedness comes with the structure, rules and form of Saturn. This is the part of Capricorn that might tend to feel like a task master, but in truth, boundaries create freedom.

And perhaps this is the best lesson of Saturn and by extension Capricorn – When the parameters, rules and form is set, you are free to dive in as deeply as possible into the work at hand without the distractions that keep you from deep diving to begin with.

Achieving goals, manifesting desires and creating something in the world and in your life can feel like big work because of how much focus it requires of us. There is a tendency in many of us to fight against what feels like endless restrictions. We want to rebel, and in the mundane world of getting tasks done that lead you to a particular aim, rebellion can look like a few lost hours on Facebook, channel surfing in front of the tv hours after the show you were there to watch is over, or the house suddenly needs to get cleaned.

This is the practical world of Capricorn and the world of form that Saturn creates for us. These things are our allies, even though initially it never seems to feel that way.

This New Moon is just as much about what you are choosing to manifest and work towards as it is what you are choosing to say “no” to in order to lend your full focus to the former.

What is it you are bringing forth for this New Moon cycle, my Witch Souls?

Get clear. Get specific. Create a concrete, step by step plan, include dates, milestones to reach and exactly what the end result needs to look like. Commit. Then get to it.

A Note On Self Love

It’s important that we assess ourselves and our motivations with emotional and spiritual maturity. This can definitely be difficult at times, but it’s possible and effort is warrant here. If you find that the languaging of this Moon Missive creates anxiety for you, than perhaps goal setting and adding one more thing to do on your plate is NOT the direction for you right now.

Honor that. Embrace that. Let love wrap you up in the awareness that this is not only ok for you, but an indication of a place where you need some extra self care. Venus makes a play here in this New Moon as well and love and affection and creativity is highlighted in this cycle.

We are in a world and time when there is just too much going on, and too much to do and it can untether us in the most damaging ways.

For this, asking Saturn and Capricorn to create a space for you to rest, to recharge to just BE is not only just as valid, but a potent magick for bringing you closer to a centered and grounded place. Capricorn Moon can help you this was as well.

In our personal discernment, may we be kind and loving and honest with ourselves.

Moon Water Magick

For this New Moon, I love making a spritz/spray that I can use in place of sage or incense to clear the space I’m going to be working in. Capricorn Moon for me is all about the big goals and aims I have for my work life this year. It could be something different for you. This spray can help activate, bless and set the intention for the space you are going to be working on your goals in.

If your goals are internal, or something less… concrete by way of the space you need to be in, this spray still works because you can use it to spritz yourself with your water and it’s scent as a way of shifting your mind and your attention in a specific direction and focus while you work on your goals.

New Moon In Capricorn Activation Spray

  • 8 oz of charged Capricorn water
  • 1 Selenite sliver (or whatever size makes sense for the bottle you are using)
  • 5 drops of Lavender essential oil
  • 3 drops of Cedar essential oil
  • 2 drops of Orange Peel oil

Shake liquid vigorously to mix all the ingredients up each time you go to use it.

Keeps for a year.

If you want more information on working with Moon Water, go HERE.

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  1. Wow very interesting …any difference if it’s my birthday on the 16th?
    Thanks for a wonderful and educational read!

    1. Hi Matinee! The difference or deeper understanding of the energetics at play for you on your birthday AND the New Moon would be in what house this New Moon fell in for you. This takes astrology much deeper and if you are interested in learning about how to calculate where a moon falls in your birth chart to see what themes its specifically highlight for you, this book is an EXCELLENT primer: If the Link doesn’t work, its’ Astrology For Yourself by Demetra George.

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