The January 2018 Imbolc Initiation Box


I wish there was a way for me to take deep inhale and long slow exhale with you through this letter. To be there with you so the sounds of our breath sync up together into a wave of pull and rush.

Imagine it.

This month is like that for me… this point in our Seasonal Spiral isn’t the inhale and exhale of relief, but rather the very conscious centering breath that one takes at the precipice of a new beginning.

This is the essence of the moments before Imbolc. This is the essence of the deep underground of Winter where we have been incubating. It’s the long nights pause, before launching.

This Boxes Theme

I wanted to send you a box that you could have for Imbolc, which is February 1-2nd. A ritual to hold onto, to incubate and prepare for mentally, spiritually and physically before the actual date arrives.

The pause before the jump.

And so here, what you have in this box is a ritual, simple, powerful and one that you could not only do every year at this time, but also a smaller one, that of the self blessing, that you could do daily if you wanted to, as a spiritual practice in self love, self sanctioning and self initiating.


Imbolc is the first lights arrival. It’s the spark burst into the first flame.

It is the waxing of the Sun, the year and the time where many magickal traditions perform their initiations.

Imbolc is the beginning, the first fully formed flame, Goddess Brigid , the maiden, powerful and intended.

And as such this ritual box is about riding the energy of this initial flame to initiate yourself. To proclaim yourself whole, to own yourself, your path and the choices of that path moving forward. This blessing ritual is one of right/rite and power.

You, dear Witch, have the right to choose the life and identify you live. This box is about your right to self bless, self action and Name what you will live out this year. And it starts with embracing yourself, loving yourself and magically blessing yourself in a way that ignites that Imbolc fire within in.

In This Box

This box is intended as a solitary Imbolc ritual, but could easily be adapted to do in a circle with some creativity.

Inside you’ll find:

  • A ritual mirror with a beautiful peacock design for the self blessing practice as well as future divination use if so desired. The peacock here is a symbol of the alchemy of transformation.
  • A gorgeous ceremonial smudge sticks for consecrated your ritual space. The stick was made by and it’s exquisite. Check out their site…the treasure is to die for.
  • An 8 day burning candle with a drawn image of Brigid created for us by Helen Claira of @HelliesGoddesses on IG. I’ve been following her for a while now and her work is so gorgeous and powerful. I was over the moon when she agreed to create a Brigid drawing especially for these candles!
  • A gold circle/white tie bracelet to mark the continued intention and magick of your self blessing initiation ritual. Where it as a reminder of the commitment and blessing you created on that night. It is intended to be your more modern version of the “Initiation Sash”
  • A 2018 Lunar phase calendar, because it’s the beginning of a new year and you know it’s all about following the moon. You’ll notice that the lunar signs are not on this calendar. I did this on purpose because you are all spread across the globe and lunar transition times vary wildly between you all, but the calendar still serves its purpose.
  • Your Book of Shadow pages, that include the Imbolc Initiation Ritual, the self blessing, and anointment recipe.

By months end, downloadable BOS pages on Imbolc, Brigid and another self blessing will be available in the Free Downloadables section of the website. (Available to those subscribed to the newsletter.)

May this new cycle with the Sun be one of healing, abundance and ease in creating the lives we most desire for ourselves.



Unboxing Video

Below you can watch the box video we created.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  The next box is going to be all about crystals, grids and the gorgeous original technology of the Earth.  Go HERE to subscribe.

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