The March 2018 Drawing In The Elements Box


This box is a Drawing In The Elements ritual of magick and healing. It’s a recalibration for Spring, a boost and an integration.

It can be done in one sitting, as the Book Of Shadows page outlines, or you can break it up into smaller rituals so that you draw down each element one at a time. The later is recommended if you feel the energy might be overwhelming if done all in one shot.

The energy from this ritual can be intense, grounding afterward is important, but I wanted to give you all something that you could do to empower yourselves energetically for the year as it continues to grow.

HINT: A super simple and delicious way to ground after an energizing ritual is to eat. High protein is best and it doesn’t have to be meat, though meat can also do the trick. Beans, legumes, dairy and/or tofu can work quite well in bringing you into a grounded state. Making the after ritual ‘feast’ a beautiful spread is also another way to keep the ritual going by offering up the beauty in gratitude to the guardians, guides and deities who assisted you with this work.

This ritual can be done on the Spring Equinox or whenever you feel ready. For me, the Spring Equinox feels intuitively aligned as a time to come back into the world fully awakened from the Winter Dream.

Drawing In The Elements is similar to Drawing Down the Moon in that we infuse ourselves, our bodies and souls with the energetics of the elements and spirit. It’s an embodiment, a recalibration and a deeply potent infusion of power.

The Book Of Shadow pages will help guide you in setting up your altar and how to perform this ritual for yourself, but it can also be adapted and done with your circle.

In This Box

  1. 5 Candles, one for each Element + one for Spirit
  2. 1 Wooden pentacle to use as an anchor for the Elements on your altar
  3. 1 Abalone shell to hold the Rose Quartz heart at the center of the Pentacle as an alchemy of Earth + Water
  4. 1 Rose Quartz Heart to carry with you after you have infused it with the energy of this ritual
  5. 1 Bundle of incense to symbolize the alchemy of Fire + Air. It is also symbolic and activating of a chakra in your body. Each one of you get a different one as an oracle indicator of an area in your life that desires more attention.
  6. 1 incense holder/burner
  7. 1 Oracle card to further guide you in meditating on what wants to come through for you in your growth.
  8. Book of Shadow pages for an Elemental Embodiment Meditation and a Drawing In The Elements Ritual


Unboxing Video

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