The November 2017 Moon Water Box

This month’s box is all about the Moon and how to cycle with our most potent magical ally, second only to our body and our intuition.

Moon Water Work keeps us looking inward, guided and reminded by the Moon and Her journey through the astrological signs.

If all you ever practiced was Moon Water Magick you’d cover all of it: your own personal transformation, prayers for healing the world, potions, spells, healing, blessings, cleansing, banishing, manifestation, beauty, devotion, gratitude and more.

The applications of Moon Water Magick are truly endless and only limited by your imagination.

This box allows you several avenues for this exploration:

  • You are provided with 12 bottles, one for each sign the moon travels through.
  • This will let you do different things with each water charging.
  • You can keep each collection for as long as you need while still working with others as each Lunar Cycle passes.

An example of this would look like:

I keep using my Moon in Taurus water to spritz my home office on every New Moon, while also working with Moon in Aries water to imbue my morning tea to write my daily goals with.

It can be as simple as that, or even more complex, but using different  waters to create a potent potion for another magical working,

The idea is to collect and charge your Moon Water each month to have on hand for any type of magickal working you might be doing as well as the simple daily act of working on your own personal transformation.

I’d also like to begin collecting a list of how you all are using your Moon Water. I think that the more we gather ideas, the more all of us can benefit. Please send me, via the contact page on the website, your list of ways you use Moon Water or will be using it so that I can collect a growing list on the page.

Our community of Witches is growing and the idea of all of us working in this way is a potent one.

Thank you for joining me on this month’s journey.
Blessings always,
The Witches Box

Inside The Witches Box This Month

In this box you’ll find the following items:

  • 2 Moon Stickers – Because I found them and thought they might be a fun addition to your Book Of Shadows
  • Twinkle lights – To adorn your Moon altar with some magickal light
  • 12 Bottles for each astrological sign – to collect and charge your water in
  • Lunar phase etched disk – to serve as a vortex of power to place your bottles on for charging at night
  • Palo Santo sticks – to cleanse and set the space for your charging
  • 8 Book Of Shadow Pages – to add to your book and launch you into some magickal work with these tools

Have you subscribed for your box yet? Please do, the next box will focus on Dream Magick and it’s going to usher you into a deeply magickal new year. Go HERE for more.

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