The June 2018 Witches Box: Summer Solstice Mother Goddess Box

June is the height of the solar year and with this pinnacle comes the Solstice, the fullness of all things being created here in the northern hemisphere. Witchcraft around the world gives us so many rich metaphors through which to understand the internal and external changes going on around us at this time of the year and it also provides us with many pathways on which to create our magick and our transformations.

This month we focus on the Triple Goddess metaphor, specifically the Mother. It is at Summer that we celebrate and worship the Mother in her Full Sun, Full Moon fecundity. We both worship and honor creation and the planet as we do that part of us that births ideas, works, love, children and whole lives into existence. This is true of all of us whether we have birthed children or not.

And it’s is true of us all whether we have wombs or we don’t.

It’s a powerful time of the year and contained in this box is a lovely ritual that both honors the Mother Goddess as well as honors and activates that part of you that is in the state of creating something right now in your life.

Maybe it serve you deeply.

In This Box

  • 1 Goddess Tea Light Statue
  • 1 Labrynth Goddess Altar Cloth
  • 1 Cast Iron Offering Bowl
  • 1 8oz Mistletoe Bottle
  • 1 5oz Clove Bottle
  • 1 Goddess Tarot Card
  • 3 Tea Lights
  • 1 Sacred Bath Salt Bag
  • 1 BOS Page – Maiden Mother Crone
  • 2 BOS Page – Summer Solstice Mother Goddess Ritual
  • 1 BOS Page – Summer Solstice Mother Goddess Invocation
  • 1 BOS Page – Clove
  • 1 BOS Page – Mistletoe

Trailer Video

Below you can watch the box video we created.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  Go HERE to subscribe.  Also, at the time of this posting there were extra boxes available for one time purchases if you missed out on this one and would like just the one box.  For that go HERE.

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