The October 2017 Divination Box

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Greetings Witches,

Welcome to the first Witches Box and the season of the Witch!

This box is a rich grouping of items that not only serve to anchor your Samhain altar deeply into the magick of the season, but also provides you with tools to set up protection for your Travel into the Unseen and do the divination work we wait all year to lose ourselves into.

The Blackthorns in the wooden box will keep you safe as you use your flying ointment to move through the veil.  Crow feathers to carry you, skeleton key to open the passageways and tarot and pendulum to help you suss out the answers that are given to you… this is the working of this box and the season.

The Book Of Shadow pages are one sided so that you can stick them into an already bound book or find another creative way to add them to your tomes.  Each page is designed to be a starting point for deeper explorations, particularly when it comes to using the magick of Crow, Key and Blackthorn.  There is much magick to be discovered there and my hope is that these pages are just the first in a thick section on each topic in your own personal Book Of Shadows!

As you explore the contents of this box, I would love it and be honored if you would share your thoughts and experiences with me and those in this community.  I love seeing the variety of altars created with these sacred treasures and each month I’ll be giving a free month’s box to one of those that share their treasure on social media and tag us in the post! I wish you each transformative magick and a very very Witchy October!

Blessed Be my Witches! Elena

Items In This Subscription Box

  • 1 Oracle deck
  • 1 Flying Ointment
  • 1 Smoky Quartz
  • 1 Pendulum
  • 1 Pendulum Board
  • 1 Iron Skeleton Key
  • 1 Wooden Box with inlay
  • 5 Blackthorn Thorns inside the wooden box
  • 3 Black Crow Feathers
  • 1 Crow BOS Page
  • 1 Skeleton Key BOS Page
  • 2 Blackthorn BOS Pages
  • 1 October Box Welcome Letter


In the mean time, make sure you don’t miss out on the next box and go to the Subscription page for more information and to sign up!

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  1. Could one order a past box in the future? I didn’t have the money at the time to subscribe for the October box but I would still love to purchase one if I could.

    1. Katie,

      Past boxes are limited. I usually make 2-5 depending on the box. I make those available to the people subscribed to the newsletter. I make the announcement there and it’s a first come first served process.

      1. I am(happily) subscribed to the newsletters. I haven’t seen any announcement about the boxes yet. Did you already make it?

        1. The boxes I had left from the October Divination Box went super fast. They’re all gone. I am writing up a policy for the extra boxes going forward and I’ll put it on the website and also send out an email about it. 🙂 There was no announcement because before I could even make one, there was already a waiting list for when I released them. Working on a better system for this, so stay tuned!

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