Tree Magick: Blackthorn Tree

Blackthorn Tree

Prunus spinosa

Magickal System: Celtic, Druid, Ogham (Celtic Tree Alphabet)
Ogham Letter: STR
Ogham Name: Straif
Ogham Tree Meaning: Discipline, Control, Perspective
Planet: Mars, Saturn
Element: Earth, Fire
Zodiac: Aries, Scorpio
Stone: Black Opal, agate, bloodstone
Color: White, Black, Red
Deity: The Morrigan
Sabbat: Samhain
Folk Names: Sloe, Sloe Plum, Wishing Thorn, Faery Tree

Magickal Energetics: Blackthorn is a winter tree and used in protection against evil, creating boundaries, purifying, confronting our own dark side. Blackthorn dispels negativity, toxins, old wounds, and impurities. It can be used in exorcisms. It is associated with chthonic and protective deities. Blackthorn can be used to inflict strife in any direction. It is the wielder of this magick that decides how that power will be used. As a protector, Blackthorn is potent for the protected and ominous for the would be perpetrator.

Note:  The October Divination Box 2017 contained 5 Blackthorn Thorns for a Protection Spell for Samhain.  Hit the links in the previous sentence to check out pictures and the spell.

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