Hydromancy For Scrying

The Witches Box gets a lot of questions regarding the best ways to Divine.  The truth is there isn’t any ‘best’ way.  It’s more a matter of what you are both most comfortable with and find ease with.  The beauty is that there are so many ways to practice Divination that the exploration is just as rewarding as finding the right fit for yourself.

This month, because it’s the month of all things ‘between the veils’ and we are all out gazing into mirrors, crystal balls, deck spreads and all other manner of ‘Seeing’ , we put together a Diving Box for our subscribers that just went out.  Inside was a Book of Shadows page on Hydromancy and how to practice it.

I would say that Hydromancy takes some practice, and though there are some where this comes super naturally, for most, it takes work.  I find that one of the benefits of practicing Hydromancy is that it exercises your meditative muscles in a really deep way, just as much as it exercises your capacity for patience, stillness and deep surrender.  These skills are important ones to have and as you become more proficient in Hydromancy, you’ll find that these skills help you become more proficient in other spiritual practices as well.

So What Is Hydromancy?

One of the oldest forms of Scrying, Hydromancy involves the use of water to bring messages, visions, and information. Water is a conduit for the collective unconscious, the system that flows throughout all of creation, including our bodies. When used for scrying it’s a portal into collected wisdom, history and tapping into the patterns and dynamics to come. Water is the language of emotion and for this reason, it can provide powerful hits of information.

Hydromancy can be done in a living and moving body of water, like a lake, stream or by the ocean due to the motion being a conduit for forms and patterns. When using a Scrying bowl or Chalice, the water’s surface can be slowly set in motion with a wand or manually, but leaving it still is also quite potent as it doesn’t distract the seeker from going deep into a trance.

Use Moon Charged water when the Moon is in Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio.

Hydromancy Scrying

Scrying with water can take some practice. It’s important to be patient and keep in mind it’s like a muscle that needs using in order to strengthen.

1. Find a quiet space where you can sit for as long as you’d like uninterrupted.
2. Set a ritual circle.
3. You can use a Divining Incense or Tea is helpful in setting the tone and opening up the mind.
4. With a Scrying bowl full of water, begin gazing into the center of the pool of water.
5. Do this as long as you can.
6. Keep breath even, allowing yourself to slip into a meditative state with your eyes open.
7. Messages can come in the shape of visions, images that play across the water, feelings, sensations, and thoughts.
8. Write down anything that came through for you, immediately after you are done.

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