Learn Tarot: The Moon Tarot Card

Element: Water
Planet: Neptune
Astrological Sign: Pisces
Numerology: 18, 9
Hebrew Letter: Qof, Koof

Keywords: Dreams, Illusions, Hidden Things, Insecurity, Mystery, Falsehoods, Visions, Emotions, Creativity, The Subconscious

Reversed Keywords: Revealed Secrets, Exposed Deceptions, Unusual Dreams, Psychic Insights, Insomnia, Irrational Thoughts

The Moon represents the seat of our subconscious. This is the place of water, and the often hidden motivations and triggers behind our emotions.

Most of us spend out lives trying to uncover what rests there just beyond our conscious mind. Others do not, opting instead to live life with an entire part of themselves out of reach and out of clear view.

Regardless, the subconscious is a world unto itself and often the view is murky, the answers never feel concrete and it can be very prone to illusions and distorted projections.

The Moon and our subconscious is also the place of vision, intuition, Mystery, with a capital M. Here rest symbols and metaphors where not sign is what it seems at face value, but rather what you see is representative of something else.

There is also very little that is concrete or obvious or even logical about this card. Think about intuition. When it hits you, there is no logic to it. Often there aren’t even words, just feelings. You are left to trust something nebulous and easily questionable, and yet, the sense is strong and there is something about it that won’t steer you wrong.

The lesson of the Moon is therefore, also about trust and surrender. Sometimes all you have is how you feel, not what you know. And that’s ok too.

If this card comes up for you, it can indicate uncertainty, mystery, and the need to dig deeper into the true meaning of things.

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