Learn Tarot: The Temperance Card

The Temperance Tarot Card

Element: Fire
Planet: Jupiter
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Numerology: 14, 5
Hebrew Letter: Samekh

Keywords: Economy, Moderation, Patience, Self Control, Harmony, Purpose, Meaning

Reversed Keywords: Unbalance, Excess, Religion, No Long Term Vision, Overcompensation, Overcorrection, Exaggeration

Oh… The Temperance card. One day, I’ll write an entire dissertation on this card and how it applies to the challenges we face in Western Culture.

On the surface, the meaning of this card sounds lovely… lofty even. Balance… harmony… the natural order of things where moderation is naturally found when listening to the internal intuitive prompts we all have. Lovely, right?

Spiritual maturity is about natural easy with the rhythms of life, relationships, health, etc. Natural ease is key here. Moderation is a dance, not a hard line that you have to struggle to maintain. There is a dynamic balance to spiritual maturity that is constantly fluid. This means that sometimes you have a lot of this and a little of that, and others, you have more of that and a little of this.

Fluidity and ease.

When we as a society try to achieve “balance”, as is such an obsessive trend, it’s an artificial construct that looks like equal parts of all things and we find ourselves having to exert control and deprivation and a lot of anxiety around how to control ourselves. THIS is Temperance Reversed and it’s harmful psychological, emotionally and physically to us.

The wisdom of The Temperance card is natural ease, which requires the kind of trust that allows surrender into the natural cycles of our lives, relationships, seasons, eating, health etc. This is the only place from which true balance and harmony comes from.

And this is where the Fool comes to on her journey. The choice of greater maturity which requires a trust in the natural fluctuations and cycles of life. Control, gripping, over compensation and over correction as well as forced deprivation are the vestiges of fear. There is nothing of moderation or harmony in those things.

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

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