The Harvest Altar Ritual

Note:  This Ritual was the theme for the September Harvest Altar Ritual Box.  You can purchase the items described HERE.

Intention: To create a daily meditative altar where you come to each day to celebrate, honor and amplify the abundance and harvest you have gathered into your life this solar cycle. This ritual is a dwelling in the energetic of gratitude which serves as an amplifier of all you have received, that it might continue to reverberate in your life, grow and touch all those around you. And always always to offer back that bounty to the Divine who has manifested this bounty for you.

This altar is as much about gratitude for what you have harvested this year as it is about amplifying the flow of those things into your life in ever expansive ways.

*Note that this is a wonderful ritual to do daily during the Fall season, but in truth, keeping a Harvest altar in your home year around keeps the door open to the flow of abundance in your world. It’s a powerful altar to keep alive and charged with your presence and gratitude.

Items Needed:

  • Large Pillar candle that can be lit daily for the duration of your ritual
  • Sage Leaves for burning/incense
  • A Harvest Tray that holds the symbols of your bounty (this is provided in the Harvest Box, but if you don’t have one, you can simply rest the items all around your altar)
  • Amplifying Crystals like Quartz, Selenite or Citrine around the altar to magnify
  • Dried Skullcap and Olive Leaves for luck, peace, fertility, and protection
  • Deities that represent Harvest and abundance for you
  • Any other Sacreds you feel would live well on this altar

Ritual Steps:

Arrange The Altar Thusly:

1. Place tray or area of harvest items collection at the center of the altar
2. Place the pillar candle just behind that
3. On the tray, arrange your crystals around the outer edges
4. Sprinkle the Skullcap and the Olive Leaves over the surface of the altar and tray as a ground-laying for the energetic you want to maintain on this altar.
5. Place your other altar items around this centerpiece as you are called.
6. On the tray and over the course of the Fall season, add items often that represent the bounty you are bringing into your life and amplifying with your gratitude. Items might include money, coins, honey, pictures, stones, food, dried fruit and flowers, wheat, notes of gratitude, flowers, memorabilia of experiences or events from the year, oils, potions, etc. You can be as creative here as you feel. The importance is rooted in you having an emotional connection between what you are receiving and what you choose to represent it on your altar.

Ritual Enactment:

1. Set up your altar space according to the instructions above.
2. Choose a time that you can come to this altar each day for a meditation. It can be 5 minutes long or more… it’s up to you.
3. Set the space up with incense burning that the space be cleared of cluttered energy.
4. Once the space is cleared, sit there and take in 3 long slow and deep inhales and exhales to bring yourself to present.
5. Call in the 4 quarters and the diety you feel most connected to and light the candle.
6. If you have anything new to add to the harvest tray, do so now with presence.
7. Take some time to look at the items in the tray, feel what each item and what it represents has meant to you this year and how grateful you are for each.
8. Linger here as long as you want and need.
9. When ready, recite this blessing:

I thank and honor you, Divine Spirit (or a Deity you are working with)
For the flow of abundance in my life.
I thank you for the growth and the continued blessings
of this year and beyond.
May the fruits of this Harvest
Bless me and all other beings
In a continued flow of abundance,
healing and generosity.
May it grow.
May it overflow.
May it continue to Bless and reverberate out
to all humanity.
That this Harvest continue to be for the benefit of all.
Blessed Be.

10. Once the blessing is recited, sit in meditation and gratitude with all that is before you.
11. When you feel a fullness around the flow in your life, slowly come out of your meditation, close the circle and extinguish your candle
12. Return to the altar and ritual daily or regularly as it fits your schedule.
13. You can also add to the altar as you find new things that represent your Harvest.

For Mabon Correspondences go HERE.

Blessed Be.

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