Charm Bag Money Spell – How to Make a Spell Bag

This Charm Bag Money Spell was created for the Charm Bags Magick Box that went out as part of the Witches Box Subscription.  This spell can easily be recreated by gathering these items on your own.  It’s an easy spell and tends to be a steady building of energy cast that increases its pull over time.

Intention: To create a charm bag that draws money to you, fast and swift. Works best when a specific amount of money is targeted.

Items Needed

  • Gold or Green Bag
  • Small Citrine Stone
  • 3 Whole Cloves
  • 1 Cinnamon stick
  • 1 Small Magnet
  • 1 new crisp bill, can be any denomination – folded
  • Anointing Oil
  • White, Green, or Yellow Candle

Charm Bag Money Spell

  1. Gather your sacred items
  2. Cleanse them over incense. Using cinnamon and clove is a good choice to begin activating the spell.
  3. You can cast a circle if you choose.
  4. With a clear intention of what you are drawing to you, begin placing each item in your charm bag.
  5. Chant “I work my Will” over and over while you do this task, keeping the vision of your money coming to you as you do.
  6. When the bag is filled, tie the draw string into a knot 3 times.
  7. Continue to chant while anointing the bag with the activating oil.
  8. Light the candle, while chanting.
  9. Take the bag between the palms of both hands and begin rubbing the bag back and forth gently. Do this at a comfortable distance above the candle flame and chanting.
  10. Once you feel the bag is sufficiently charged, place on the altar and allow the candle to burn all the way through.
  11. When done with your Charm Bag Money Spell, keep the bag on your person and with you for a full lunar cycle. When it is complete, recharge your charm bag by repeating the chant over the candle and anointing it once more.

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