Amplification Mirror Spell

Often we get requests for Love Spells, Money Spells or Healing Spells. And though there are countless spells for these intentions out there, this is a base spell that can be applied to just about anything you would want to amplify, grow or manifest in your life.

The nature of this spell is such that it’s intended to set in motion a reverberation that lasts to infinity. To that end, it is not a spell to use for something that is temporary or is not a concept or dynamic.

In other words, this isn’t a spell to make someone be attracted to you, rather, it’s a spell to create the ever expansion of love or healing or abundance or joy or health or creativity, etc, in your life and beyond.

Consider your intention carefully with the broader picture of your whole life in mind.

Amplification Spell

Intention: To use the infinity of reflection of 2 mirrors facing each other to amplify a quality or dynamic you want to have constantly growing in your life. This spell is planted in fertile soil, like an energetic seed, held in the Earth to be nourished by the natural energies of the soil while it does its magick.

This spell is not to be taken lightly or to be used for superficial, short term intentions. This is about growing foundational concepts like Love, Healing, Liberation, Growth, Protection, etc.

Items Needed

  • 2 Round 2 inch Mirrors
  • A piece of twine or ribbon
  • Gold leafing
  • Paper, image, sigil, etc to write your intention on
  • Incense
  • Optional Pieces: stones, herbs, personal items that represent your intention, etc.


  • Prior to casting your spell, spend some time creating an intention and then either writing the intention on a small piece of paper, or creating a sigil for the intention. You can also use an image that most represents your intention.
  • Gather your items and find a space outdoors that is fertile and is preferably near you and by a tree. You’ll want to be able to freely sit here undisturbed to dig a hole and bury your spell in such a way where later, this spot won’t be disturbed either, but you can return to in order to ‘feed’ the spell.
  • Once you have found your spot, sit down, cast a circle and light your incense. Take time to drop into meditation by invoking the sensation of this intention in your body.
  • Begin to put your spell bundle together. Between the two mirrors, place your paper, wrapped in the gold leafing. The gold is the value, it is the highest vibration for this spell and it feeds the spell the vibration of quality. Gold leafing is delicate, so this doesn’t have to be a perfect wrap… it’s enough that the gold leafing and the paper with your intention be pressed and folded between both mirrors.
  • The mirrors should face each other such that the inner reflection of the intention goes on for infinity. Then, wrap both mirrors and the contents inside with the green twine. Wrap it around as many times as you can and then knot it three times.
  • While you begin to dig a hole in the ground large enough to fit your mirrors and anything else you want to place in there, say the following words:

On and on
for infinity
and beyond
May this field
of energy
expand in the
field of my life
for infinity into all
my lives.
I am open
I embrace
the growth and expansion
of this spell
in all my lives.

  • Once all the items are in the hole, bury it with soil and close out the circle.
  • Come back to this place each lunar cycle for 3 months, feeding it with seeds, or food, or water, as if you were feeding a new tree.

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