A Simple Bay Leaf Spell : How to Burn a Bay Leaf

There are spells that are elaborate and take time and planning… strategizing even.  But then there are those spells that are on the fly, simple. Just you, your desire and a whisper in the wind; this bay leaf spell is one such working.

I cast spells like this bay leaf spell almost daily.  Often these are the spells that come to pass the most because of the almost casual nature of them.  They are simple prayers I pull a leaf out for, burn and whisper over the smoke. Then, I just return to the mundane tasks of my day, trusting my words and desire will make it to the place they belong.

Burning bay leaves for manifestation

Below is a spell for you to learn how to do the same as you burn a bay leaf.manidf

Spell Intention: To manifest a spell on the wings of smoke, created by the burnt Bay Leaf.

Items Needed For a Simple Bay Leaf Spell:

  • Candle
  • Bay Leaf
  • A Sharpie marker
  • Good ventilation
  • A plate or bowl or cauldron to drop the burning Bay Leaf into while it burns
  • BE MINDFUL of flame safety!

*These are great spells to do in the kitchen to continue imbuing the space with the magick created by herbs and plant allies.

Directions for Bay Leaf Spell

  1. After gathering items, set the tone by taking several deep breaths and coming into center.
  2. Be clear of the spell intention you’d like to manifest in your world.
  3. When it’s a clear image, light the candle.
  4. Stare into the flame, entering into a meditative state.
  5. Spend time here visualizing your manifestation, how it looks, feels, sounds.
  6. When ready, write the spell intention on the Bay Leaf.
  7. Burn the Bay Leaf in the flame allowing the fire to ignite your intention and send it into the universe on the wings of the smoke.
  8. Hold space here for as long as feels necessary, then offer up thanks and snuff out the flame.

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Also, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date on news, releases, lunar reports, and other magically inspired messages each week! Rumor has it that if you subscribe you get access to Book Of Shadow downloads for FREE.

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    1. I suppose you can do it as many times as you want. I have done rituals where I’ve created or written a long list of things on different bay leaves to do a release ritual… just like you can do a manifestation ritual with Bay leaves, you can also use them for release work.

      The interesting thing about the second part of your question is that the speed for it to come true will depend on a lot of things. This is where tracking your direct experience is so important. Because it’s not just the leaf that you are burning, it’s the energy with which you apply the spell. Your internal state around what you are asking for is a Key Ingredient. Is the desire something you can whisper into the winds and then easily release and go about your day? Or is this desire something you feel desperate and obsessive about? One will have a very different effect than the other.

      Spells where I come from a space of trust and of having a firm solid ground internally always come to pass much faster for me than those where I”m out of sorts, distressed and desperate for.

    1. Anyone can do this. You just have to feel the confidence in the action. It’s similar to offering up a prayer, you’re just using the aid of the magickal energy specific to the bay leaf.

  1. Do the Bay leaves have to be from a plant outside or can I buy organic bay leaves at the store. I’ve been searching for a plant but have been unsuccessful.

    1. You can buy them. Most of us are not lucky enough to have our own tree, sadly. I buy them from an organic herbal wholesaler and sell them here in the shop but you can just as easily buy them from your local super market.

    1. It depends on the your intention, what you’re calling in, your own level of attachment to what you’re calling in. There are a lot of factors. As you practice, you’ll find that it works faster and faster. Also, Pro Tip: Any spell we do out of desperation and coming from a place where we are not centered, doesn’t work or very very rarely works.

  2. If i want to ask for any wish i wright on a bay leaf and i burn it with my mind set on what im wishing for??

    1. I’d recommend doing it any time, at various times to see which works best for you. If you’re manifesting, morning to noon or during the waxing moon phase is good. If you’re banishing anything noon to midnight or during the waning moon phase is good.

      1. Through meditation my Great Aunt came to me in a vision and then Witch came into my head. I asked my mom about this and she said she used to do things like concentrate on her sister calling her and she would. There was also something about an inheritance but I don’t think it was about money. My cards also said I was a natural Witch. What is your take on it?
        Peace and Blessings

        1. I love stories like this. Confirmation. Connection. Communication across time. I think these things happen to return us back to center, to the authentic truth of who we have always been. Blessed be. Always.

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