Self Blessing Practice

Intention:  The intention of this self blessing is to begin establishing both your love of yourself and your authority to claim your place of worth in your life and in this world. Because you are magick and light and dark and perfection. Yes.

Items Needed:

  • A ritual mirror
  • A white candle (optional)
  • Blessing oil or elixir

Source: This is an adaptation to the Five Fold Kiss, where in a Great Rite the Priest and Priestess bless each other. But here, you’re your own Priestess and Priest, and that which you honor in yourself is nothing less then the connection with the divine as you are sourced from the Goddess and as such are the Goddess. You’ll notice that there are more than 5 points on the body to bless and you’re encouraged to also take this Blessing and rewrite it as you need and as you grow deeper in this practice.

In place of kissing each body part that you bless, anoint it with a blessing oil or elixir.

Blessing Ritual

Before speaking the blessing, take a few minutes to look at yourself deeply in the mirror. Gaze into your own eyes, hold the gaze and take long deep breaths. Really look at yourself as if you are connecting with an intimate lover – with curiosity, with desire, with deep compassionate and abiding love.

Linger here, especially if it becomes awkward or emotional. It’s important to be with what comes up, because we rarely if every hold ourselves in this way and the healing magick of this blessing exists in BEING with the whole of who you are, holding yourself there to hold yourself, See yourself and then when you have tapped into the fullness of your vulnerability begin blessing yourself as both your own Priestess and your truest self.

As you say each line touch the oil to that body part you have just blessed verbally blessed to seal that blessing to your body and your self.

Note: This Blessing can be used as part of a yearly Initiation ritual or daily as a practice in self love.


Blessed be my feet, that carry me along this sacred path.
Blessed be my womb/phallus, that connects me to the life pulse of all things.
Blessed be my heart, that is whole and lacking in nothing, able to abide fully in love.
Blessed be my hands and arms, that both create beauty in the world and carry the weight of this life with such strength and courage.
Blessed be my voice (throat + lips), that speaks my truth in tones of power and self possession.
Blessed be my eyes, that know the magick of finding the beauty in everyone they See.
Blessed be my mind, that holds the flame of curiosity and serves as a beacon for light.

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