Dreaming Bed Protection Spell

When you Dream, you’re psychically open and more vulnerable to uninvited influences and entities that might have disruption or mischief in mind. This powerful Protection Spell wards against all unwanted energies and allows you the peace and safety you need to do your Sacred Dream Work while you sleep.

Items Needed

  • Iron nail
  • Red thread, 7 inches long

Symbolism + Energetics

Iron is a powerful substance that works to ground energy. When directed with a specific intention, the energy is driven out and away from the person or thing being protected. The nail serves to halt any oncoming entities that might want to take advantage of your psychically open state and ground it back into the earth and away from you. For this reason it is ideal that the nail itself be hammered into the floor for this spell, but not necessary.

Iron is associated with:

  • Mars
  • Fire
  • Deep red rust
  • Blood
  • Power
  • Defensive war
  • Fixative powers
  • Anchoring

The red of the thread is associated with:

  • Mars
  • Fire
  • Western cultures it means STOP
  • Activation
  • Strength
  • Power

Knots serve as a container for magick. When a knot is untied, the magick is released. The knot work of this spell secures the intention onto the magick of the nail and activates it.

Dream Bed Protection Spell

On a dark moon, preferably in Aries, cleanse the space of your bedroom or place where you do your sacred dreaming. Use whatever is most comfortable for you, salt, sage, incense, Moon Water, etc.

Cast a protective circle around you and your room.

Hold strongly the intention of protection and safety while you sleep. Be clear of what is NOT invited to join you, interfere with you or participate in your journeys.

Then when you are ready, recite the following spell, while tying a knot with your red yarn onto the nail.

By the knot of one, this spell has begun
By the knot of two, it’s aim is true
By the knot of three, all bane will flee
By the knot of four, harm will be directed out the floor
By the knot of five, I’ll be safe to fly
By the knot of six, this spell I fix
By the knot of seven, intent I’ll leaven
By the knot of eight, this is now fate
By the knot of nine, protection is mine

Hold the talisman for a bit after the final knot is tied and thank it for the work it will be doing for you.

Then, either nail it down into the floor under your bed or where you sleep, or place it under your bed with the end of the nail facing out towards a window or doorway and away from you.

Keep under your bed in a place where it will not be disturbed.

When you move, or stop sleeping in that space, you can retrieve the nail and untie the knots in order to release the magick.

NOTE:  This Dream Bed Protection spell, with contents and Book of Shadow page was part of the December Dream Realm Box that went out to subscribers on December 1st 2017.  To take a look at what else was in that box go HERE.

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