Working With A Mugwort Dream Pillow

Dream Work requires a strong foundation in paying attention to not just the experiences of your mind and soul, but the details that might come up and often go unnoticed.  There are three practices to follow that are about creating a foundation for you to go deeper later as your skills increase.

There will be a couple of other posts on this blog that will discuss the other two but for now, we focus on working with a Mugwort Dream Pillow.

Dream work is a rich realm of practice in Witchcraft. In the end, what will be your best teacher is to experiment and make careful note of each of the experiences you have along the way. Keeping a dream journal is a great way to do this.


One of the simplest yet potent things to do when you are first starting to work with Dreams in creating a Mugwort pillow or sachet to keep by your bedside while you sleep.

Mugwort is a potent herbal ally that has long been used to help open the psychic ability of the mind and spirit. It can be used as incense, oil, for a tea infusion, magickal potions, medicine and spells. Just it’s presence is enough to shift the energy around you.

Connected to the Moon, it doesn’t get you high, but it does open you up to the more subtle energies at play during the varying cycles of the moon as well as traversing the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious mind. For this reason, Mugwort is great for amplifying psychic skills, divination, dreaming and crossing over thresholds to meet with your guides and astral project.

Mugwort Dream Pillow

Creating a Mugwort Dream Pillow is super easy. You just need to find the dried herb and place it in a cotton draw string bag. Both of which can be found in a health food store or a Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc.

This is definitely one of the beginning places to start in order to begin exercising your Dream remembering muscle. Place a Mugwort Dream Pillow on your nightstand, on your head board, or under your own pillow and go to sleep. Setting an intention for your dream is helpful and it can be anything from getting the answer to a question you have, receiving inspiration on a project or meeting one of your spirit guides in order to learn something in particular.

Then sleep. In the morning, first thing to do before even getting up is grab your Dream Journal and write down every thing you remember from your dreams.

Mugwort is a doorway, but creating the habit of having to remember the dream each morning when you wake is an integral part of creating a strong foundation in Dream Magick.

There is both a potency and a subtlety to introducing the energy of this herb to your ritual.  Do things change in your dreaming?  Is there a different energetic in your room?

Spend the first week or so just feeling out any differences created by introducing this new ally and tool to your Dream Work.  Paying attention to these minute details is what hones our intuitive powers and also serves to break down barriers of perception we carry due to the fast paced and disconnected world we live in.

The December Dream Realm Box Mugwort Pillow

For our Dream Realm box in December 2017, I added a selenite wand to the pillow in order to give the pillow some extra charge. I also added a Manzanita branch with moss on it to add a bit of protection to the Dreaming induced by the Mugwort.

You can do this as well. You can add many things to your pillow in order to add to the magick. Protection is always important, extra charge for the power of the herb is good, another stone or herb that further enhances your psychic abilities… all of this and more is available to you.

NOTE:  This magick bundle, with contents and Book of Shadow page was part of the December Dream Realm Box that went out to subscribers on December 1st 2017.  To take a look at what else was in that box go HERE.

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