The December 2017 Sacred Dream Realm Box


As we come to the end of Autumn and stand at the threshold of Winter we find ourselves in the middle of closing of our Solar year. Following the metaphor of the Seasons and the cycles our Mother Earth goes through, the soil is fallow, dormant and deep in rest. Spiritually, we are IN the Sacred Dream Realm.

Having walked through the doorway of the Fall Equinox and the beginning of the pruning that happens at this time, Hallows took us deeper, allowing us the window to walk into the In-between.

And now, having cast aside all that no longer serves, we are to be nestled deep and protected in the resting Earth that we might prepare for the coming year of rebirth.

Winter Solstice is many things, among them is the time leading up to it that holds so much power for what we will manifest in our lives and in our world in the coming year. So it is here that we Dream.

The Gifts Of The Dream Realm

We Dream the future.
We Dream forth the messages of our Sacred Guides, as it is here in the quiet stillness of our dreaming that they speak to us the most.
We Dream the divination of that which needs to be know by you.
And we Dream the shifts and changes we need to embody in order to fulfill our highest purpose.

This box comes to you as a care package in the deep dark of the year.

It’s a package of love, that you might have the tools to hone this skill of traversing the Dream Realm as well as gather the wisdom deep within you and bring it up to the light of your consciousness.

This box contains:

  • A rustic leather bound journal to record your Dreams and any messages you wake up with in the morning.
  • A Mugwort Dream Satchet with a charging Selenite wand on it that is meant to aid your Dreaming.
  • A protection spell that you empower and place under your bed so that you are protected as you travel the Dream Realm with corresponding Book of Shadow page.
  • A bag of The Witches Box Dream Realm Tea Blend with corresponding Book of Shadow page.
  • A tea pincer to measure and steep your tea with.
  • A pack of hand dipped Rose incense to fill your Dream space with beauty, that you might be guided along that path as you dive in.
  • Book of Shadow page for progressive beginners Dream Work.

Using Your Witch Box Contents

The most potent teacher any of us will ever have in our Witches path is direct experience and experimentation. We can read all the books there are, sit at the feet of powerful Priestesses, and even go to ‘Witch Schools”, but at the end of the day, it’s what you experience directly in your body and with your senses that will teach you the most. After all, at it’s simplest, Witchcraft is just the dance of connection we experience with our natural world, no?

With that said, the journal is intended as a tool to record that which you remember from each night’s dream. The act of writing these details down each morning as you wake will help you strengthen your ‘remembering muscle’ and it also serves as a chronicle of what you have seen, where you have been and what concepts, symbols and experiences come up for you over and over again as you Dream.

A Dream Journal is an invaluable tool in building a strong connection to your deepest workings and that connection to the psychic Dream Realm that is ripe with so much for us.

You can find a progressive Dream Work practice in the Book of Shadow pages that guide you on how to use all of the above tools.


Winter is the Dream, the cave, the withdrawal. There is power here. We close off to the superfluous noise of the the world and life around us and turn inward to mine the terrain we spend much too little time in. The beginning dream practices of this box are about strengthening the muscles of listening, remembering and establishing a well paved path into the liminal spaces so that you can do more and more of your magickal work in these places. This, my dear friends, is really just the doorway I’m showing you.

You can find more on this over the coming month over at the blog. I’ll be sharing other resources there as well.

May your Yule be filled with all the magick and wonder you so very much deserve for it to be.


Unboxing Video

Below you can watch the box video we created.  And if you haven’t subscribed to The Witches Box yet, please do so!  The next box is going to be a luscious deep dive into self love, initiation and Imbolc.  Go HERE to subscribe.

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