January 2020 Reading The Runes Box

Happy new year, lovelies!

Divination has deep roots and it’s a practice that every Witch is versed in, even if only as a beginner.

In the past we have covered things like the pendulum, oracle cards, tarot and scrying.  This month we dive deep into the Elder Futhark Runes. 

The focus of this box is a beautifully carved bone rune set that comes with a book, a reading spread cloth and herbs for the season.

The Deep Dive Gathering at the end of the month will provide you with more information on how to take your relationship with runes further as well as answer questions you might have.

My intention with making sure you are all versed in all of these ways of divination is to facilitate you finding YOUR specific divinatory language. We all have one and though it’s not uncommon for a Witch to practice a few ways of divination, finding that ONE that you are most connected with is an invaluable tool. 

May this box serve you deeply in your spiritual evolution and transformation.

In This Box:

  • 1 Futhark Rune Set
  • 1 Runecasting Cloth
  • 1 Futhark Book
  • 1 Witches Apothecary Bottle of Peppermint
  • 1 Witches Apothecary Bottle of Chicory Root
  • 1 Oracle card
  • 2 BOS pages on Reading Runes
  • 1 BOS page on Worldstead
  • 1 BOS page on Peppermint
  • 1 BOS page on Chicory Root

At the time of this posting, the box is still in stock! Get your Reading The Runes Box while they are still in stock HERE. And if you haven’t subscribed to our Witches Box yet, please do! You can find out all you need HERE.

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