The February 2018 Crystal Grid Box

Greetings, lovelies!

Welcome to the February  Witches Box – Crystal Grid

Inside you will find:

1. Seed Of Life Grid Board from Your Sacred Life
2. A crystal oracle card pulled just for you as a guide and a message.
3. 3 Book Of Shadow Pages
4. Phantom Quartz
5. Double Terminated Quartz
6. Garnet
7. Peridot
8. Rose Buds
9. Pink Tanzmurine Quartz
10. Green Tanzmurine Quartz

Crystal Gridding

This gorgeous practice takes the potent Earth technology of crystals and brings them together to harness their individual vibrational frequencies to manifest intention in the world. It’s not only a way to meditate and strengthen your intuitive muscle, but it creates vortices that bring in what you intend to manifest.

I chose this theme for February as a way to bring in a new tool for manifesting your magick in this new year as well as bringing in a new layer of beauty. Spending time to create these beautiful works of art for our spell work and spiritual growth amplify our connection to the Earth and the natural energies around is. It helps to hone our magickal skills as Witches because we spend time touching, feeling, and communicating with the powerful raw tools the Earth has provided us with.

You can read more about creating your own Crystal Grid HERE.

Follow Your Inner Guide

There are some basic ‘rules’ to working with grids and putting them together. I’ve given you some very basic guidelines in the Book Of Shadow pages. However, I encourage you to play, let your inner impulse guide how you create your grids. It’s through experience and experiment that we grow and learn and Crystal Grids are an amazing tool for bringing out your inner wisdom.

Blessings to you,

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