New Moon In Aquarius With A Solar Eclipse, February 15, 2018

New Moon Sign: Aquarius
Element: Air
Type: Fixed
Planet: Saturn
Themes/Symbolism: Birds Eye View, Network, Community, Innovation, Connections, Friends, Water Bearer
Tarot Card: The Star
Sun Sign: Aquarius
Other Events: Solar Eclipse
Time: February 15th, 2018 1:06 PM PST

The Moon is in Aquarius, the Sun is in Aquarius. This is both a NewMoon, which is about launching, starting, birthing and choosing an intention to manifest forth as well as a Solar Eclipse. I’m going to straight quote Chani Nichols regarding the Solar Eclipse:

“The 1st of a series of 4 eclipses in Aquarius began on August 18th, 2016 (this was an incredibly mild eclipse however, which some wouldn’t count as significant at all); the 2nd occurred on August 7th, 2017; the third will take place this month, on February 15th; and the 4th and final one will occur on July 27th, 2018. The eclipses in Aquarius are happening around the south node of the moon. The south node helps us to empty out, drain or release something from our lives. Their teaching is about letting go of control and allowing something bigger than ourselves to work through us. More spiritual in nature than the north node (which can tend to be a little more materially inclined), south node eclipses can help to bring us back to what truly matters most.” – Chani Nichols

We’ve been doing this in one form or another for the last few months – clearing out, letting go, placing to rest. And this is the precursor to releasing our grip, trusting, moving with a flow that has bigger plans for us than that which we can construct in our minds given the stories we hold onto.

It’s a powerful but nuanced part of what we think of when we let things go. Releasing control requires trust. Something bigger for us wants to be allowed. This New Moon with a Solar Eclipse can usher that in for us.

Aquarius And The Wide Net

There is something so vast in the vision holding that Aquarius can create. I’ve always imagined it like a bird flying super high in the sky looking down to see the bigger picture, the lines that connect things to one another and the network on which all things function and exist.

It’s a lot to hold, but it’s also a beautiful dance with connections, associations, community, and broadening the scope of what those networks, connections and communities can be.

It’s cerebral, yes, but it’s also creative, innovative, always thinking of a better way for things to fit or communicate or connect.

The Work Of This New Moon

What belief, habit, relationship, job, story is keeping you from tapping into the bigger picture, the broader network, the more loving and inspired community of friends, family or love? What is blocking your ability to create or innovate? This answer doesn’t have lead to some elaborate banishing or releasing ritual.

Instead, let this answer lead you to a profound and potently intended, “YES” to more. Yes, to expansion, Yes to tapping into the network of an energetic you want to cultivate more of in your life. The “YES” will pivot you away from the blockage or obstruction and aim you towards what you embrace.

This can be super practical, like growth in your business, or new friends that are in alignment with your beliefs, or bringing together that perfect group of minds to create this amazing thing in the world. It can be finding a new innovative way to manage your life, your chores, your work, your money.

Thing about a web that extends out from you, made of connections and interdependence and a circuitry that both supports and informs. Then consider what kind of network you want to tap into in your life and be a part of. This is the magick of this Moon.

Moon Water Magick

I really love this imagery and energetic of a network. What comes to mind for me is a network of roots. And so my water, charged with the energy of this Moon will be used to plant something new, from seed in a pot, and give it it’s first few drinks from this very water. That each time I water this seedling, it drinks of this intention and power, and grows in resonance to the intention of the magick I intend to manifest with this New Moon.

If you want more information on working with Moon Water, go HERE.

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