New Moon In Leo With A Solar Eclipse, August 11, 2018

New Moon Sign: Leo
Element: Fire
Type: Cardinal
Planet: The Sun
Themes/Symbolism: Pride, Creativity, Radiance, Self Absorption, Play, Love, Strength
Tarot Card: The Sun
Sun Sign: Leo
Time: 9:59 AM GMT August 11, 2018
*Note, the partial solar eclipse will not be visible from North America. It will be most visible in North/East Europe, North/West Asia and the Arctic.

New Moon In Leo

There is a brilliant and externalized energy to this Moon. Even those that are Introverts will feel a bit more OUT there with their personalities, passions and opinions. The fire of this sign turns us on, sets us in motion and is a push of exuberance that touches everything we do.

This Moon is also typically good for Magick. But remember that Mercury is in retrograde, so starting something requires a bit more care and consideration and loads of attention paid to communication. To complicate matters a bit, this New Moon kicks off a Moon Void of Course:

“The New Moon will also initiate an exactly 18 hours long void of course Moon period, which will last until 3:59 GMT of the 12th. So, my advice is, not only during the void of course period, but also until the Full Moon of the 26th of August, be very careful before initiating new projects, signing new contracts and anything that we usually advice avoiding during the void of course Moon. I’m not saying to avoid them for the waxing period. Just to be more careful and to research things more thoroughly and anything else appropriate for each individual case.” ~The Mage at Magic Recipes Online

Don’t let this dissuade you, however!

The audaciousness of Leo is the “of course I can” attitude that can make the difference between opening new doors for yourself and staying stagnant behind barriers. So this is something else to keep in mind when you cast your Magick. There is a lesson here that we all do well to pay attention to.

It sounds like doing New Moon work during this time with a Mercury Retrograde and a Moon Void of Course makes things more complicated, but in truth, it’s indicative of the type of attention we should always be paying to the energetics at play in our lives and how our intentions work into that energetic.

Before you say anything, get clear with yourself. Before you write down an intention, check in to make sure that you don’t have any unconscious motivations that are strongly tugging at you. Before starting any new project, make sure the slate is clean on other things so you can commence fresh and focused. This is the energy of a responsible and disciplined Leo – Which can create tension points, but also is a good practice for the Witch who wants to continue to refine their skills.

Give yourself space to be gentle with yourself when needed, to take time out and relax when your patience runs thin and to regroup your priorities often or as needed given that there might be some unpredictable energies flying about.

Partial Solar Eclipse

Quick Lunar/Solar Trivia: A Solar Eclipse always occurs on a New Moon.

This Partial Solar Eclipse comes at the end of a long line of Lunar Eclipses. There have been loads of shifts, starts, restarts, endings. We have had ample opportunity to examine those parts of our lives that have been activated by these celestial occurrences and make intentioned choices about how we surrender and let go of that which needs to transform in our lives.

The influence of a Solar Eclipse on a New Moon amplifies the affects of the work you do. So what you set in motion here will be reverberating for at least 6 months. Choose your magickal intentions wisely folks! There is a very real reality where the Moon is the way in, which means our intuition, our emotions, the way we tend to ourselves is more amplified here than our Sun energy, which is yang, external, Seen, public and logical.

But What Kind Of Magick Can I Do?

There are some spells we cast where the intention and the energy with which we send them out into the world can be explosive, urgent, demanding. Sometimes we can’t help it and this is the energy of things. Other times, and this would be one of them, our spells are desire seeds, planted out into the fertile energetic soil and left there to blossom as it naturally chooses to given our intention.

There is a restful, detached energetic to this manner of doing things and in all honesty, when I cast from this space, my spells are the most successful.

So this Lunar cycle calls for manifestations spells that cast the seed out into the energy field and then rest, trust, let go. Don’t jump into frenetic launching activity. Sit back in the field of trust. When something arises naturally around what you’re attempting to manifest that needs your attention, rise up, tend to it as if responding to an invitation from the universe.

Don’t push, don’t insist, don’t try hard to make it happen. Allow the Moon’s void, of course, be a hammock you lay in while the energy around you shifts things into place. It’s not an easy thing for a Moon in Leo, but it’s a potent lesson and experimentation with a different way of manifesting.

Moon Water Magick

There is something beautiful, visible, vain but justifiably so about Leo. Leo is royal and radiant, magnetic and warming.

So let’s be honest… sometimes we really want to be all those things. There isn’t a single thing wrong with that, particularly when we are honest with ourselves about it. For that reason, I love Leo Moon Water for a little glamor potion. This won’t change what you look like, but it will brighten the energetic of your face and of your presenting appearance to the world. It’s not even so much about how you look to others as much as how you feel to them and yourself.

This is about radiating. And while you apply this potion to your face, intend on exactly what it is you want to radiate; beauty, kindness, love, magnetic, sex, influence… you decide.

**To learn how to make Moon Water go HERE.

Radiant Face Leo Moon Water Potion

  • 8 oz of Leo Charged Moon Water
  • .5 oz of rubbing alcohol or vodka (yes!)
  • 7 drops of Almond Oil
  • 2 drops of Vitamin E Oil
  • 2 drops Rose Essential Oil
  • 1 small sliver of Carnelian Stone

1. Always shake and mix before using
2. Test out the tonic on the inside of your wrist first to make sure your skin is able to receive the tonic without issue.
3. Potion will keep for a year.
4. Wash your face as usual in the morning, then dab this lovely subtly moisturizing toner to your face with a cotton ball, let dry and then continue on with your usual face routine (make up, lotion, etc)

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