Full Moon In Scorpio, April 29, 2018

Full Moon Sign: Scorpio
Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Themes/Symbolism: Transformation through the path of death and rebirth and regeneration
Tarot Card: Death
Sun Sign: Taurus
Time: April 29, 2018 5:58PM PDT
Also known as the Pink Moon for the pink blossoms of Spring

Full Moon In Scorpio

Scorpio is the deep underworld, the realm of emotions and the corner recesses of our internal worlds. It is also very much associated with the death that precedes the rebirth, the ultimate transformation and sting that gets you there.

There is nothing soft or gentle about Scorpio. Passions run high, it can be tumultuous, and it can be a jarring ride into the mysteries of the unseen. This isn’t a Moon to play around with lightly and it’s definitely not a Moon we move through unscathed in the most potent ways. Intention is what helps navigate us through this time and due to the energetic nature, deep self inquiry is key.

Transformation in the story of Scorpio moves through the defensive and sometimes lethal sting of the scorpion, the ability to see and hold the truth of the bigger picture of the Eagle, and the triumphant resurrection of the Phoenix. There are lessons and stages of life that can correspond to the various symbols of Scorpio and it’s a worthy pursuit to study them at length as a means for personal development.

With the illumination of this Full Moon comes a pull to reveal, open and allow the light to shine on those parts of us that are hidden, dusty, weighted down by shame. There is a call to freedom by unveiling.

It is time to just release the masks, the stories, the hiding that keeps us smaller, that keeps us willfully ignorant of the truth within us and that keeps the necessary death from happening in order for us to be reborn and transform.

The Sexy Stuff

It wouldn’t be about Scorpio if the need to merge and find pleasure through sex wasn’t in some part involved. There is an exquisite moment of release and death right before we dive headlong into the waves of orgasmic pleasure. This too has been called the little death, Le Petit Mort. It’s not coincidence that we call out for our gods when we are at the height of this blissful explosion. This is the path to the sacred holy rebirth and a Scorpio Full Moon can usher in a divine union, especially when it’s so close to Beltane.

This is the Moon for powerful sex magick. This is the Moon that ushers into Beltane.

May the next two nights rock your worlds!

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