New Moon In Scorpio, November 18, 2017

On Saturday, November 18th 3:42 AM PT the New Moon in Scorpio will visit us just at about 3/4 of the way through the Fall season. I’ve mentioned before that these are all cycles within cycles and though we can certainly gain wisdom from looking at one layer of it, there is so much more to be seen and understood the more we take into account.

That said, if we look at the Scorpio New Moon within the context of the seasonal placement, which is the Sun Cycle, this Moon is intimately married to the time of year and the season of both harvest and death.

It also comes during a season when our magick has been deeply steeped in Divination, walking the Inbetweens, and honoring our dead as well as the cutting away. There is no harvesting without cutting away that which no longer serves. This is true in agriculture with the pruning back that is needed for another growth cycle to begin in the coming year and it is certainly true of us as humans with spiritual souls journeying through cycle after cycle of personal development.

As the dried fallen leaves get swept off the ground, so too, those parts of ourselves that have served their purpose, must as well.

This is the season of letting go, cutting away, putting down that which we used during this last year to manifest the lives we have lead, so that when we reemerge we are fresh, clean slated and prepared for the specific incarnation of our manifestation in the new year.

New Moon In Scorpio

New Moon Sign: Scorpio
Element: Water
Planet: Pluto
Themes/Symbolism: Transformation through the path of death and rebirth and regeneration
Tarot Card: Death
Sun Sign: Scorpio

This idea of cutting away or death can bring up a lot of tension. This sign can bring up a lot of tension. There is much that lurks in our personal shadows that cause us discomfort and hesitancy in facing.

Putting something down and letting go, as with the instance of habits or patterns that we know are no longer serving us, but we are quite attached to, doesn’t feel particularly fun, even if we have come to realize we want to let them go.

Energetically, this notion of putting down or letting go of aspects of ourselves that no longer serve is really about freeing up out energy and attention so that we can better direct it towards another aspect of our lives. To regenerate, we must rest. To rest we must stop. To stop is to allow action, habit, thought, belief, identity to die.

For me this is the simplest and perhaps easiest way of looking at the themes and work of Scorpio. There is more to be sure, but here is where work can begin. It can be a clearing of the slate to better hone our focus and intentions in our lives. There is deep and potent personal power in this because in order to do this work, you must self face and take a brave and unwavering look at yourself to assess the truth of what no longer serves you about you.

New Moon In Scorpio Magick

This Moon always feels like a prayer to me.

Reveal to me that which I close my eyes to. May I see that which I fear in myself, that the truth come to the surface to be Seen, honored and put to rest.

I don’t do manifesting work on this New Moon other than to allow the space to open for further insight into my life as I finishing tying up the loose ends of this solar cycle. Moon Water for a Scorpio Moon can help in this as an ongoing ritual that can last for the 2 weeks leading up to the Full Moon.

Moon Water Magick

(Go HERE to learn how to create Moon Water)

Creating Scorpio Moon water feels like the deepest stuff of Witches to me. Walking the lines between life and death holds a lot of mystery and can overwhelm if you are not reading to face yourself and do not have the internal mechanisms to move yourself through a process of introspections that can reveal unsettling truths. The work of each Witch is always always to be in a state of self assessing to understand what you can manage at any given time.

That said, one of the important workings to undertake with Moon Water is to intimately learn the different ‘flavors’ and energetics of each signs water. I’ve said this before, the kind of magick you can do with Moon Water is endless and only limited by your imagination.

But for now, for this year, the magick I’ll be suggesting is simply to charge your Moon Water in Scorpio and then each day until the Full Moon… drink it. One sip or 3 depending on your affinity with the magick of numbers.

Each night, take a drink of your water with the intention and prayer of being open and sensitive to the vibration and teachings of this particular water.

This is both a learning exercising that helps strengthen the muscle of your subtle perceptions as well as a way to amplify the New Moon prayer of seeing clearly and deeply into that part of yourself that needs to complete a death process.

Keeping a Moon Water Journal to jot down notes and insights is always valuable and it can be part of the nightly ritual of drinking water, meditating on that which comes up and then making note of it.

Breaking it down:

  • Charge the New Moon in Scorpio Water
  • Each night until the full moon, take a sip of that water
  • Meditate on both your New Moon Intention and the affects, feelings, intuitive knowings that this water brings up for you
  • Write it all down in your Moon Water Journal

May this Lunar cycle be a deeply transformative one.

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