New Moon In Cancer, July 13 2018

New Moon Sign: Cancer
Element: Water
Type: Cardinal
Planet: Moon
Themes/Symbolism: Nurture, Nourish, Nurse, the Mother, Emotion, Empathy, Intuition
Tarot Card: The Chariot
Sun Sign: Cancer
Time: 2:47 GMT – Note that this is GMT given how many international Witches we’ve got around here!  😉

I love that in the height of a Summer, on the Northern Hemisphere, we get the treasure of this Lunar and Solar dance in the sign of Cancer.

On the Northern side we sit with the backdrop of the fiery heat, the Sun just at it’s peak and in the Southern side we are descending into the dark night of Winter, the depths of earth and soil and all that is the regeneration that comes with death.

I find these alchemical combinations to be potent in the types of lessons they want to offer us.

And in the case of Cancer, what we have is a Sun and Moon dancing in the sign of Water, Lunar tides, Nurturing, Nourishment, Emotion and Empathy along with the deep pools of intuition we all hold in the deepest parts of ourselves.

How we express that intuition is, in my opinion, guided by and inspired by the Solar season we find ourselves in.

I find that my divination in the Winter is a very different flavor and modality than that which I engage in at other times of the year, particularly Summer.

I’m public, social, often times artistically creative and exposed in the way I throw my cards or sink into a deep divinatory trance in order to suss out an answer during Summer months. I’m more apt to share with others what comes up, and my altars are out and very visible in Summer months. I also just stick with the Tarot and often end up using the imagery of different cards to guide other parts of my spiritual practices.

Cancer is Water, but Summer is Fire, and my existing in the big light of day under the blazing sun to cast my cards and read the energies at play are fueled by the particular pace and urgency that Fire and the Summer season lend to us. There is also something quite sultry in my divination during this time. That is to say, the information that comes through is much more visceral than mental, much more sensation than thoughts formed by words.

Winter is a completely different story. I’m hidden, stick to the dark of night and there is so much whispering between myself and the ancestors. The secrecy is to conserve energy, harness the powers and reach ears that only truly hear at a specific frequency. It feels more potent, but it’s really just sourced from those parts of myself that are Earth and Air.

I share this because we have people on all ends of the planet receiving these posts or newsletter missives and because I find that it’s important that we keep the awareness of the entirety of the planet in mind when we feel into the energetics at play.

We are part of a global web. And understanding the polarities at play also lend a wisdom to a dance we are constantly a part of, whether consciously or unconsciously.

The Pull Of The Moon

So here we are, about to have a New Moon In Cancer. She’s emotional and she pulls us back to the home, our home… that which holds us and allows us to unwind, let go and rest or feed or receive sanctuary when needed.

She is also the moon of expression, safety and the rhythms that shape our days and weeks and months and lives. Cancer is at once the mundanity of our daily lives as well as the deep mystery of knowing and intuition that we each hold. It is a lie to think that the mundane and the sacred are separate things, and Cancer more than any other sign reminds me of this.

Not one thing we do in this world is separate from the pull of the Moon. She is water, gravity, inspiration and a force. There is something so automatic about Her influence that if you went your entire life unconscious and unaware, you’d still be dancing to this monthly cyclical rhythm. You don’t need to participate in order for it to really get you. You’re already in it.

You can even tell what she feels like by reading this writing. I’m waxing much more poetical and it’s not a lie to blame the Moon.

Try A Little Tenderness

This New Moon, inquire about what things you are feeling particularly sensitive about. Where are your tender spots? What’s hurting or feeling reactive or prickly in your life and in your heart right now. Just name it.

The softly and with deep love, whisper, “I See you.” Repeat that to yourself until you really feel it. Because this part of yourself is worthy of acknowledgement and a lot of love. It’s a beacon and the wisdom of this Moon. It’s a reminder of things that are chaffing you and that are ultimately calling attention to something that could really use your attention, your care and the nourishment you could provide.

Cancer being the sign of home, of nurturing and safety, calls us to provide a safe haven for those parts of us that need shelter and tender care. Just the act of turning towards making this kind of space for your tender bits can open the wellspring of intuition and deeper inner communication with your intuitive nature. Sometimes accessing our divinatory powers is just about tending to our softer selves. There is great power here.

Moon Water Magick

This is the bath water to end all bath waters. I like to run a bath, pour some lavender oil in, surround the tub with some rose quartz, light candles and soak in a tub of water that very quickly turns into a symbol for my inner knowing. That messy, emotional, watery part of my soul that knows more than she is comfortable with. The Moon Water for this bath is steeped in the double Cancer infusion and I take a long time to soak in this bath, meditation silently to release the noise in my brain so that the truth can float to the top.

Keeping a journal nearby is always critical because after I get out of the bath, sometimes I don’t even get dressed, I just sit down and immediately begin to write what came up during this ritual bath.

To lean how to charge Moon Water go HERE.

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