New Moon In Libra, October 9, 2018

New Moon Sign: Libra
Element: Air
Type: Cardinal
Planet: Venus
Themes/Symbolism: Balance, Justice, Beauty, Logic, Partnership
Tarot Card: Justice
Sun Sign: Libra
Time: 8:46PM PST – This new moon is also occurring while Venus goes into Retrograde in Scorpio

Relationships, love, finances, beauty and balance… This New Moon is the epitome of Libra, even with Venus going into retrograde. It shines a light, not so much on what we need to start new, but on refreshing what is. It’s as if Libra is calling us to assess our love, our relationships, our money, our sense of balance and the beauty we create in our lives and see what needs to be freshened up, what needs to be imbued with a new surge of life and attention.

This energetic feels aligned with the Fall Seasons, where things are pulling back, dying off, and being let go of. We sit with the dichotomy of a New Moon, meaning new manifestations and beginnings, but within the context of the Fall Season where we prepare to rest and limit what we are creating in order to fully savor what we have.

So this week is a great time to go quiet, to journal, to take inventory of your relationships, the places where you focus your love, how you practice balance and justice in your life. What’s tired? What’s lagging? What needs more attention and what can rest exactly as it is?

And always always always remember the beauty. Libra asks that we create through beauty. And this doesn’t have to be about material goods or decor, this is also about how you speak to your loved ones, how you make choices around your love and your balance and your money. There is a refinement here that isn’t superficial, but rather deeply present and attentive, and this is what feeds relationships and it’s what creates a refresher.

One of the other waves of energy at play here is the eroticism of Venus and Scorpio. This energy isn’t anything to mess with, but it is something to pay attention to. It can highlight intense emotions in partnerships, but also calls into review various aspects of your romantic history or current love affairs by intensifying the experience, not so much bring it up in a mental and detached manner to examine. Scorpio is about the feels, not the mind the way Libra is.

Moon Water Magick

This water needs to be taken into the body. Use it for making a sweet cake that you will feed your beloved after a renewal of vows or a declaration of love for one another or a recommitment. Make the cake sweet and beautiful. Feed each other. Love each other.

You can also use the water to make a drink you both share, or run a bath with this water in it that you both get into.

If you would like to read about how to charge Moon Water, go HERE.

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