Full Moon In Cancer, December 22, 2018

Full Moon : 0° Cancer
Date: December 22nd, 2018
Time: 12:48 PM EDT / 9:48 AM PDT
Element: Water
Modality: Cardinal
Ruler: The Moon
Themes: Embarking new territory, initiating, culmination, goals, health, and wellness


Every month the Moon reaches its full phase when it makes an exact opposition with the Sun. It represents the peak of its cycle, when emotions are heightened and when something subconscious rises into our conscious awareness. Also, it symbolizes a completion, fulfillment or when we see the results of what we’ve previously worked on.


On December 21st, the Sun enters Capricorn while we welcome the Winter Solstice and this lunar event the next day. This 2018 we’ve had two full moons in Cancer. One on January 1st and the other in December 22nd. This means that now we have a culmination in the house that is ruled by this sign in our chart. This makes this moon perfect for retrospection and to leave behind what is no longer serving while embarking new territory.


This Moon is paradoxical because it symbolizes a completion, but it would be happening in the degree of beginnings (0 ° ), one that could be correlated with the Fool of the Major Arcana. In addition, it will occur on the 22nd, the other number that’s assigned to this card. Furthermore, it will happen on a Cardinal sign and would occur less than twenty-four hours after the Capricorn Season and the Winter Solstice.

Lastly, if one sums up the date of this Full Moon it equals seven. The seventh tarot card is The Chariot. This card also aligns with the cardinal energy of beginnings because the sign that it’s associated with is Cancer!


This lunar event may rise into our awareness what we need to start growing or working on from now until the year 2020. This is because in November, the North and South Node changed to Cancer and Capricorn respectively. Indicating what we need to begin welcoming more and what to release.

We will be constantly reminded to balance this polarity because in July 2019 we will have a New Moon/ Solar Eclipse in Cancer. This 0 degree Moon indicates the beginning of what we will be experiencing until the mentioned year because the North Node will reach this same degree before it changes to Gemini on May 6th, 2020 marking an ending.


Full Moons occur when the Sun is in a zodiac sign opposite from the Moon. Therefore, both energies are aspecting each other in this lunar event in order to bring the balance needed between the two.

Capricorn is an Earth sign and Cancer a Water sign. One corresponds to the material world and reality; and the other the intangible, emotional and instinctual nature.

This earth sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet that governs structure, discipline, responsibility and social roles (how things should be). Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the planet that rules the subconscious, our emotional nature and intuition.


This polarity is one of the most important of the zodiac since it corresponds to two cardinal houses and important areas of our lives: Career/Public image and Home/family. Thus, both will be meeting in balance in order for them to function properly. Without work, one could not be able to provide to the family; without caring for one’s needs will lead to burnout and not being able to work.


The Sun and Moon will be sextiling Uranus Retrograde in Aries at a 2 degree orb.

This indicates an unpredictable nature its correlation with The Fool. Additionally, this card is not just about beginnings, but about surprises and Uranus is the planet that governs the unexpected.

However, this aspect is harmonic, so it will be calling more for reinvention and about embarking new territory. The Chariot represents Cancer, so we see that this aspect represents the essence of these two tarot cards.


The North Node and Chiron will be closely trining each other at 1 degree orb. Since Chiron is still at its shadow period in Pisces after being direct, this will call for the overcoming of the wounds. Also, since this would be connected with Cancer energy, it will call for healing of those wounds deep within our past, our roots, or related to child or motherhood.

However, because this Node is about what we need to pull in, this aspect will be about releasing in order to bring in the new without attachments or unconscious elements leaving us stagnated.


This cosmic relationship will add to the influence of this lunar event a visionary outlook, making us look ahead for the future and it makes it also an excellent influence for this new cardinal season.


This Full Moon is deeply emotional, hence, it would be advised to permit yourself to feel, to be vulnerable and to let all emotions out in order to find relief, to heal and be renewed. Also, intuition would be greatly amplified, so it’s an excellent influence to work your magic, especially if it involves working with water.

Since it’s also perfect for looking back and to discern what worked and did not during the year, it’s an opportunity to say farewell to old habits, ways or unhealthy attachments in order to move forward.


As mentioned, this lunar event comes also with the archetype of The Fool and the Chariot perfect for this new cardinal season. This energy will be of initiations, about building and working for new projects with determination and beginning to walk on the fresh ground.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the South Node is in Capricorn and that it’s the ways of this sign that needs to be balanced with Cancer energy. Remember that your emotional and physical wellness should be put first in order to have the optimum performance and productivity you desire for 2019.


This event indicates a culmination, but also the beginning of the influence we will see with the North Node in Cancer and its eclipses until 2020. Where it transits in your chart indicates what area of your life will be affected by them.

  • Aries: In the fourth house. The area of home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Taurus: In the third house, the area of communication, intellect, education, brothers, and neighbors.
  • Gemini: In the second house, the area of finances, possessions and your value system.
  • Cancer: In the first house, the house of self, your appearance and personality.
  • Leo: In the twelfth house, the area of the unconscious, dreams, loss and karma.
  • Virgo: In the eleventh house, the area of networks, group of friends, connections, humanitarian efforts and goal setting.
  • Libra: In the tenth house, the area of career, public image and reputation.
  • Scorpio: In the ninth house, the area of travel, higher knowledge, book publishing, adventure, foreign people and countries.
  • Sagittarius: In the eighth house, the area investments, inheritance and debts. Also in the area of death, rebirth, the shadow side and sex; the merge of resources/energy with a partner.
  • Capricorn: In the seventh house, the area of relationships, partnerships, laws and justice.
  • Aquarius: In the sixth house, the area of service based work, health, routines, and habits.
  • Pisces: In the fifth house, the area of creativity, fertility, children, and dating.

If you don’t know your rising sign, you will need to know your the date, exact time of birth and location to pull a chart with that information. You can find that out by creating a free chart over at Astro.com. Note that it’s not always exact in the Placidus System because it depends on the degree your ascendant is. For example, if your rising sign is at 15 degrees Cancer, this Moon will be transiting your twelfth house, not your first. You may read then the horoscopes of your previous sign if it’s based on rising signs.


During your personal Moon Rituals, it will be great to reflect on these questions:

  • How can I balance my career/family life?
  • What Capricorn ways need to be released in order to integrate more of Cancer’s energy?
  • How can I avoid experiencing burnout, but still work for my goals?
  • What do I need to leave behind on 2018?

Written by Kiaralys Rosario | Astrologer on KiaraStellar . My approach in astrology comes from my love for the stars and their archetypal energies that coexist within us and that by translating their language, we are able to reach a deeper level of self awareness and discover our life’s path. Follow me on Instagram for daily horoscopes @KiaraStellar , to book a reading or read the Cosmic Blog: kiarastellar.com

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