Full Moon In Capricorn, June 27 2018

Full Moon Sign: Capricorn
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Themes/Symbolism: Cardinal, Hard Work, Determination, Groundedness, Practical, Action Focused, Energizing,
Tarot Card: The Devil
Sun Sign: Cancer
Time: 9:53 PM PST

This Moon, with the Sun in Cancer is shining a light on the physical. The hearth, the home, the family, the work we do to manifest the spaces and the life we live.

This one is about the work. The nitty gritty day to day that can feel like a grind, but that is necessary in the work of building something over the long term.

Nothing that lasts was created overnight. And because of that, we are asked to show up, to be consistent, to keep the focus laser sharp and the eye always on the goal.

It sounds arduous and sometimes it can be. But one of the lessons of Capricorn is the coalescens of intention and action in order to create our physical world.

And so here we are at this Full Moon. She’s full and heavy. Hot from the Summer Sun and from the work we have all been doing throughout this last lunar cycle and the year in general. We might be weary, hurting and in losing sight of the path before us, but the answer is always in continuing forth.

The Necessity For Self Care

The Sun in Cancer offers a morsel of comfort. In it’s lunar emotional sensitivity, he reminds us to take care. To tend to all the needs, not just the ones that are external, but those that are deep within us as well.

Yes, things are busy. Yes, you have countless responsibilities to attend to. But those include your need for rest, for quiet time, for nourishing food that helps your body repair, build and thrive.

There is room to handle your hustle AND yourself AND your family AND the world you are creating for yourself.

It might not be easy, but when we prioritize something everything else organizes around it.

Moon Water Magick

This Moon for me is a Builder Moon. A Grower Moon. A Life Thriving Moon. Those are the themes that come up for me personally and they might be a bit different for you. Feel into what is coming up for you in order to better get an idea of what this Moon is illuminating for you.

For me, this Moon Water Charing is about feeding the foliage around me. Growing the food. Feed that Earth and weaving my intentions into the plants around me right now that are in turn sustaining me right back. It’s a simple practice, but if any of you are Kitchen or Green Witches, feeding your plants charged Capricorn water is a lovely way to give them a boost.

I’ll be pouring this water into the herb garden in a couple of days.

If you want to learn more about charging Moon Water, go HERE.

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