Inner Revealings Tarot: June 24, 2018

Inner Revealings Tarot is a weekly opportunity to consult the cards for a set of questions with which to practice Self Inquiry. Each Sunday, 4 cards will open a door to deeper self-knowledge. All that’s needed is a journal, tea and some quiet time to reflect and dive in.

Please feel free to share insights and thoughts below.

NOTE: Thursdays are #LearnTarot where we go over the meaning and symbolism for each card individually. And Sundays we post these Inner Revealing readings.  You can find all the posts for all things Tarot HERE.

The Tarot Cards

  • 5 Of Cups
  • 6 Of Cups
  • Daughter (Page) Of Swords
  • 8 Of Swords


  1. What self-limiting beliefs are getting major airtime in your brain right now?
  2. How do you feel thwarted, sluggish and unable to move forward in specific areas of your life?
  3. How much of that is fed by the stories of ‘failures’, disappointments and regrets from your past?
  4. What creative and innovative ways can you find to turn that story around in order to recognize your vitality, capacity and ability to move ahead in the areas you feel stuck?

Tarot Deck:  The Wild Unknown

Tarot Card Holder by : Your Sacred Life

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