Learn Tarot: Strength Tarot Card

Element: Fire
Planet: Sun
Astrological Sign: Leo
Numerology: 8
Timing: July 23 – August 22nd
Hebrew Letter: Tet

Keywords: Compassion, Force, Fortitude, Security, Creative, Inventive, Solid, Power
Reversed Keywords: Brute, Carnal, Obstinate

The Culmination

The Strength Tarot card is A culmination of all the skills and lessons that have come before it. Pay attention to the fact that I said it’s a culmination and not THE culmination. Because as with all things related to spiritual growth, it is a series of arrivals that we journey through.

The Strength card here is about the collective foundational lessons held in each of the cards before this one. From the Fool to the Chariot, the ground has been set for moving through this world and not only harnessing, but managing both internal and external forces as well as learning how to dance between both.

In this, we get a sense of what the quality of Strength really is. It’s not about brute force or imposing your power onto others. It’s about responding rather than reacting, it’s about Seeing the situations before you fully, both the physical and the spiritual aspects of those situations.

And it’s about responding with benevolence, compassion, love and respect. And it’s about the clear integrity and alignment within yourself regarding what you stand for, what you choose and how you walk this world. These are the hallmarks of strength.

And it bares repeating that Strength is about responding, NOT reacting to the world around you, just like Strength has nothing to do with forcing your will on a situation, but it is very much a Force that moves in the world with integrity. The distinction here is critical.

Reversed Meaning Of The Strength Tarot Card

Reversed Keywords: Brute, Obstinate, Overbearing, Controlling

The wisdom in this card exists in what the relationships with Force feel like. The reversed meaning of The Strength card is very much about using brute force to overpower something. By definition this isn’t strength at all, but fear and the reactionary control that comes from being unable to dance with the realities within and around yourself. Standing clear in your truth, is a force to be reckoned with on it’s own with out exertion or desperate trying. Forcing your will on something that you are in active resistance to is a fearful flailing that might be disguised as strength, but is the exact opposite of it.

Deck Used:  Rider Waite Tarot

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