New Moon in Aries, April 5th 2019

  • New Moon: 15° Aries 17
  • Date: April 5th 2019
  • Time: 4:50 AM EDT / 1:50 AM PDT
  • Element: Fire
  • Modality: Cardinal
  • Rulers: Mars
  • Themes: New Beginnings, initiating projects and goals, healing, releasing power from the ego, bringing to forth your true self.


New Moons mark the end and the beginning of a lunar cycle. Every month it happens in the same zodiac sign and degree as the Sun. Thus, it occurs when both make an exact conjunction that results with the moon being completely overshadowed. This merges identity/presence (Sun), with the subconscious/emotions (Moon). Therefore, it’s a moment of stillness, ideal for introspection and for setting intentions for the upcoming cycle.


Two weeks ago, we met the start of the equinox and the astrological new year. However, because it began with a Full Moon and Mercury Retrograde, it meant it was a time for releasing, healing and reflection. Thus, this makes this New Moon finally the start of a new beginning and for planting seeds. It will be about tapping to our authenticity, individuality and initiating new projects or goals that are motivated by our true self. Nevertheless, it’s still a time of pause as the dark Moon represents a time for retreating, introspecting, ideal for envisioning and gaining clarity on our intentions. The waxing crescent will make it an ideal time to finally take action and begin experimenting and undertaking a new quest with the influence of Mars in Gemini.


Aries Season began with the full phase of the Moon in Libra marking the start of Spring Equinox. Although this marked also the astrological new year, it was a time of reflection and healing because of Mercury Retrograde and the waning Moon. The Full Moon in Libra brought to light themes of relationships as it began to culminate an emotional cycle that began with the New Moon in Libra of October 2018. Thus, since it aspected Chiron in Aries, it was a time for reflection and for inner work regarding ourselves in relationships and our ego wounds.

This time, with The New Moon in Aries, happening right at the middle of this season, is about introspecting into the core of our personality and on our sense of individuality in order to let our our authentic self in this new beginning. Furthermore, we will have another full Moon in Libra, but by the end of this season, marking then the complete culmination of the emotional cycle after understanding our projections in the previous one and setting intentions to heal them during this new moon.


This planet is the ruler of Aries, it governs our ego, our primal instincts, ambition, rage, motivation and passion. Hence, it’s that energy that makes us take action, making it our reference of how we are going to be embarking this new phase.


Mars entered Gemini in March 31st and would be until May 15th. This is the perfect energy to experiment and explore. Since, the Sun in the sign of Aries is one that initiates, takes action, and brings a new beginning. The ruler of this sign is Mars and, in Gemini, it takes action to satisfy a curiosity. Furthermore, this placement is one that tells you to not sit around because you still don’t know what to do exactly, but to instead stand up and experiment. This is how one can discover a passion and a purpose, so dare to try that new venture in this astrological new year.


This New moon in Aries is excellent for taking a time to retreat and have a deep dive to get clear on what you want to achieve in this new path. However, the key for this is to awaken your authentic self by facing the unhealthy ego and letting go of what it ‘identifies with’ or ‘wants’ based on what others expect from you. What fears does it have? In what limiting beliefs does it live by? How is it projection in your relationships? What superficial desires does it have just to prove people wrong? Introspect in these questions to look into it and set the intention to begin this journey with your truest self shining its light.

Finally, this is what will align you with your true purpose and reconnect your with your passion or sense of individuality.


Where the Moon will be transiting indicates in what area of your life you will have a new beginning and where this astrological new year is beginning as a point of reference on what to begin/change first.

  • Aries: In the first house. Hence, the house of self, your appearance and personality.
  • Taurus:​ In the twelfth house. Thus, the area of the subconscious mind, dreams, karma, confinement, working ‘under the radar’.
  • Gemini:​ In the eleventh house. Hence, the area of networks, group of friends, connections, humanitarian efforts and goal setting.
  • Cancer: ​In the tenth house. Thus, the area of career, public image and reputation.
  • Leo:​ In the ninth house. Hence, the area of travel, higher knowledge, book publishing, adventure, foreign people and countries.
  • Virgo: ​In the eigth house. Thus, in the area investments, inheritance and debts. Also in the area of death, rebirth, the shadow side and sexuality.
  • Libra: ​In the seventh house. Hence, the area of relationships, weddings, partnerships, laws and justice.
  • Scorpio: ​In the sixth house. Hence, the area of service-based work, health, routines, and habits.
  • Sagittarius: ​In the fifth house. Thus, the area of creativity, fertility, children, and dating.
  • Capricorn: In the fourth house. Hence, the area of the home, family, natal city, your roots, the past and internal world.
  • Aquarius: ​In the third house. Thus, the area of communication, intellect, education, brothers, and neighbors.
  • Pisces: ​In the second house. Hence, the area of finances, possessions and your value system.


  • What ego motivations, self or society imposed limits are apparting me from connecting with my true self?
  • How can I connect with my authentic self?
  • What do I truly desire or am passionate about?
  • Which projects or goals should I begin in this new path?
  • What is my focus on this new phase?

Written by Kiaralys Rosario | Astrologer on KiaraStellar​ ​. My approach in astrology comes from my love for the stars and their archetypal energies that coexist within us and that by translating their language, we are able to reach a deeper level of self-awareness and discover our life’s path. Follow me on Instagram for daily horoscopes ​@KiaraStellar​ , to book a reading or read the Cosmic Blog: ​

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