New Moon In Virgo + Entering The Depths Of The Harvest Season 2017

The New Moon in Virgo comes into play now, with her systems, precision and practical time keeping just as we stand at the doorway into the middle of our harvest season.

For those of us in the Northern part of the planet, the Autumnal equinox, Fall… Mabon is here. And though we began to slowly turn toward this marked shift in the year, last August, the energy begins to quicken and strengthen in it’s gravitational pull.

The Journey Of The Fall Equinox

There is a lot of symbolism that comes with the changing seasons of our world. And it’s a significant part of this time of year to take inventory, offer up gratitude and share your harvest, both literal and metaphorical, with those around you.

But this is also the downturn of the year. The time cull down. To prune back that which no longer serves and to face the path before us which leads to the death of all things. We stand here at the Fall Equinox as if on a final precipice before the end.

And each year, each turn around the wheel, that end will mean different things for each of us, because ours is a spirituality steeped in metaphors, symbols and the very real blood and bones natural world that holds us.

Lammas ushered us into this last phase of the year, but the Fall Equinox is an initiation into the final breaths of what this solar cycle has been for us as individuals as well as this half of the world.

The Moon + The Sun

I love Virgo. Virgo is a stabilizing force for me and my Libra Sun. She is my Moon and she brings the treasure of discipline, routine and systems, when my Libra nature tends to spin out into the ethers of beauty and passion and abandon. She is also healing, service, discernment, perfectionism and wholeness.

I feel too, that these gifts of this New Moon in Virgo, creates a container for us now as we begin our descent into the closing of the year. I find it beautiful this natural wisdom of our planet and universe to give us time and space to descend – time to take deeper inventory, beyond that which we are grateful for, and to truly face that which must be let go, that which we must allow to die.

There is liberation here. There is a stripping away of things that were good and served well, but have reached the end of their purpose. There is gratitude in this as well. Sometimes to be reborn, or healed or re-membered whole, there are things that must fall away.

So I send you all deep wisdom, the container that is this Virgo Moon, and the sure barefooted steps into the darker part of this year.

May your magick be powerfully transformative and prepare you well for Samhain.

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