Mabon Wishes For All Of You


Hello My Magickal Beauties,

I hope your Fall Equinox is going beautifully.

Today night and day are equal as we stand on this border that marks the year in half. From here we face the darkening slope that leads us into the metaphorical and literal night of Winter and the death of this solar cycle. (It’s always very poignant for me that our brothers and sisters on the southern half of the Earth are standing at their own border, their own equinox – Spring, right at that place where life starts to really burst forth. These polarities hold much mystery, balance and magick to explore further in the future.)

This is by far my most favorite time of the year. I love the Sabbats contained during this time. I love the descent into the fertile soil that collects all that is dying and discarded from trees and plant life, the animals and even us. I love the necessity of death as a prerequisite for rebirth.

Most of all, I love the rituals contained during this portion of our year; thanksgiving, divination, shedding, release, protection, and the replanting of seeds to harvest in the following year.


Where it’s true that this season contains Thanksgiving, a holiday in the United States, it’s this very day for all of us Witches that marks our universal moment of reflection on the bounties we have collected and giving thanks.

This Sabbat is as much about Thanksgiving as it is about distinguishing between our personal harvest and our personal pruning or culling back of that which no longer served.

And so as you gather at your altar, at your dinner tables or with your circles tonight, I wanted to reach out and say a few words of thanksgiving of my own, to you, about you.

The Witches Are Gathering

When the idea for the Witch Box came about, I was really most inspired by the idea of having community to craft with in some way, even though I spend my life traveling from place to place, without any actual home base.

I was inspired by the joy and fun of creating my own magickal gravity by working each month’s theme, gathering the magickal implements for each box and then sending them off to whomever showed up for this.

As I began to pull it all together, I have been met with such a positive and dare I say hungry response from so many of you. There is a need, a hunger and a call for us to come together in whatever way we can in order to weave a tighter and more potent fabric.

That this is happening internationally, with so many of you from all over the world humbles and pierces my heart in the most beautiful ways.

You have all come in to the ride, in one form or another. Whether it’s through the subscription box, the newsletter, the Book of Shadow pages and book creating or the lovely notes I’ve gotten through social media… I feel you. I’m honored you are interested and I”m so so grateful to know you’re out there and willing to be here in whatever manner you can to experience this together.

Today, on Mabon, as I head to my altar to give honor to and gratitude for all that has come to be harvested in my world, know that on that list, will be you and this community that is just barely in its infancy, but already promising to be something preciously glorious.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I wish you a most blessed and bountiful day and season.

School Of Holy Witchery

Come join us in learning about embodying a rich and meaningful life as a Holy Witch, where magic is a gorgeous part of the language and manifestation is an invitation to be a part of a more connected and celebratory expression of life.

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