Summer Solstice, Sex + Union


Honestly, I can’t believe that we are here at Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  Like each year before this one, time just flies and flies.

I personally feel like I’m just now stretching out of the slumber of Winter.  But the Sun, he’s showing up on the scene more and more and there is something so enlivening about that.  

What’s better than the Sun’s warmth on your skin in the morning to warm you up?  That heat, that light… the need to be outside and social?

It’s all rooted in pleasure.  The sensation of the heat and growing light brings pleasure.  And that’s a lesson from nature; pleasure opens the portal to life, literally and metaphorically.

Pleasure, Sex + Union

Sometimes talk of pleasure brings up thoughts of sex.  It’s in large part because we have such a conflicted and limited idea of what pleasure is.

And we’ve been talking a bit more about sex lately because of the 1 day class on Lilith that just passed (Encountering Lilith) and the year long Coven Of Lilith that will be starting in July.

And although Lilith is specifically associated with Sex magic, I want to talk about something else related to sex and pleasure:

Energetically, sex is about union.  That moment when barriers collapse, you’re completely in the moment and you’re in the Life affirming state of connection with the thing causing you pleasure.  

But here’s the thing:  You don’t have to be actually having sex or an orgasm to understand this or experience this.  Yes, of course, this can happen while having sex as well, but the key here is that the pleasure and union can happen outside of the act of sex.

Because there is a world where sex is much more than the act of sex.  And pleasure is the opening of a soul that is in complete dance and embrace with the movement of Life.  In Eastern/Hindu/Tantric thought, being in communion with Life is a type of sex.  It’s union.  

It’s. Our. Natural. State.

This is the place of joy, of fullness, of connection to the flow of energy inside of you and outside of you, specifically as it relates to how we are part of Everything in Life.  Whole.  Holy.

 We experience this when we dance unabashedly, when we are warmed by the Sun, when that breeze tickles across your face, when we inhale the intoxicating aroma of a blossom, when a butterfly lands on our nose…

The Magic we create in the world as Witches, comes from this connection to energetic flow.  Because we are not separate from this, even though so much of what we do in life keeps us blocked and separated from it.

The more we are present with that flow, the more we are able to amplify our intentions with power and manifest the spells we create.


Sex is about pleasure, about union, about sparking creativity in the most elementary way.  Sex is about dancing in the present moment with whatever pleasure impulses you to do.

So tell me… how is that not a mirror to what life is? Or was meant to be underneath the traumas and stressors we have created for ourselves and others?

We create with our own spark of energy every moment of every day with the choices we make, with the responses to the world that we give, with the spells we cast and with the love we give.

All of that is fueled by Life and the way we come into communion with Life.

We don’t talk enough about pleasure and joy and being in union with the flow of energy in Life as Witches.  But in this place we find healing, growth, joy, fun and countless lessons about how energy moves and how we have the ability to influence all of that.

So… Solstice

Right now, we are at the height of the solar year.  Solstice is upon us, the Sun is high and hot in the sky.  Most of us will naturally feel the urge to be out more, wear less clothes, Sun bathe, make out, hang out with friends, revel in the blossoms that are exploding outside and celebrate life.

This is a natural response to Life and to what the Sun is doing.  We are being fed in this elemental fiery and beautiful way.

So honor that.  Honor the Sun.  Go out and do your rituals outside.  Gather your friends for countless small and big rituals of gratitude, of joy, of spell casting, of yes… sex.

Be naked outside.  Mmhmm.  Go outside for however long you can and be naked before the face of the Sun.  If you live with others or in a place where there is little privacy, find a time early in the morning to do this.  Push past the fear and allow all of your skin to be kissed by the Sun.

Let this be a ritual of courage, of joy and of celebrating the natural animal being of your body.  Let it FEED you.  And most importantly, feel the pleasure in that warmth touching your skin. And when you do, STAY THERE.  Close your eyes and breathe it all in for long spacious breaths.  Allow yourself this Solstice ritual of celebration and pleasure.  

We are Witches.  We are alive.  And we need to be in the flow of union with the natural world around us.  This is the perfect time of year to celebrate and amplify this in our lives and in the world.

And have an amazing Summer!

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